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Before you can enjoy the adventure promised by the XIV edition of final fantasy series, there are things that must be done foremost. In order to do it right, it is best to have a guide to get started in the game. First, the benchmark is a good source of information about the basics of the game. You can get all information you need at the official benchmark site of the final fantasy series. Familiarize yourself with the rules, statistics, and characters of each race. 

You may be disheartened to realize that even the most high-end computers can only score in the range of 4000, but then, you have to understand that for you to enjoy what Square Enix has stored for you in its XIV edition of final fantasy, you only have to score in the 1900 range.

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Install the game and download all its update. If there is a need, go to its configuration menu and make the necessary adjustments such as the graphic options, which should be in compatible to your computer’s specifications. Computers within the range of 1900 to 2500 scores should have the game in the lowest settings. Computers with 3000 score and above can view the game on its default settings. You can also experiment on your own to make the combination of settings that would make your game most enjoyable. For more information about this matter, a visit to the final fantasy XIV benchmark is worth your while.

After you made the necessary adjustments based on the final fantasy XIV official benchmark, make certain that all updates are downloaded. This can take so much of your time particularly if your computer is connected to a wireless network. If your computer is connected to a network, it would only take 2 hours for all necessary updates to complete.While the download is on the process, take advantage of the time by planning on how you want to play the game. Your choices can be a tank, a damage dealer, a magic user or a plain support character. Understand that your decision will have an impact on how you will be entertained during the game.

After the update download, it is time to pick your race. In the XIV of final fantasy, there are 5 options of races, with each race having its dose of strengths and weaknesses. These 5 races are:Elezen—best at dealing closer-range damageHyur—the mediocre race; it is neither good nor bad at anything.Lalafell—best at making potions, spells and magicMiqo’te—best at dealing damage from a distant rangeRoegadyn—best at dealing massive damage

Each race has two clans, and each clan has its distinct characteristics and traits that can be of advantage at some point during the game. There could be no perfect race in the final fantasy XIV but you can have a race to work to your advantage.

During the game, you will need to use a Guardian and Birthday sign. Although it may sound too early to pick a respective sign at this point, you can always regard these signs as your character savior, and hence, should be given careful deliberation. For example, one Guardian sign is a keeper of fire. By playing as a conjurer and be a master at casting spells of fire, your skills can be given a boost and your damage a higher amount by your Guardian. Many players find them amazing even during the initial phase of the game.

Getting started with the  BattleAfter creating your character and choosing your race, you are now ready to get started and play the game. The final fantasy has many cities and city states. However, this guide selects the Limsa Lomisna city to be the standard city in describing the strategies herewith. Bear in mind, though, that the strategies are applicable to all cities in the Eorza. 

To get started, sail a boat bound for Limsa Lomina. Of course, the voyage is packed with adventures such as series of combat against the monsters. You must not let your guard down even for a second as monsters of wide variety will attack your ship. The battle on your ship shall serve as an introduction to final fantasy’s battle system.If you have played the XIII edition of the final fantasy series, you would have noticed immediately that some elements of the battle system will have another appearance in the XIV edition. The use of the stamina gauge is something that you should learn immediately. Most massively multiplayer online role playing games base your abilities and attacks on a dice roll. In the latest edition of final fantasy, however, you are given the privilege to be in control of your character and its accompanying abilities. While before, you must wait for your character’s animation to complete before you could use its abilities, here, you can use the ability at anytime as long as you have the stamina for that ability. 

At some point, you may see yourself pressing furiously on the ‘1′ key to initiate your attack. You should also know that using the TAB button is equally helpful. The TAB button helps you to aim through your targets more swiftly. It will save you and your comrades from being knocked out in the game.

Now, if you are not engaged in any battle, learn the habit of stowing away your weapon as you stride through the various places in the game. You can hide your equipment by pressing the ‘F’ key on your keyboard. Stowing away your weapon is a good way to regenerate you health.

Setting up your action and abilities
One of the best things about final fantasy XIV is that you can set your actions with a few keys on your keyboard. One key can be set with a particular ability. Now, you have to be keen in remembering which ability is launched with which key. This saves you a lot of trouble. For instance, if you play as a Conjurer, you should set the Cure spell on your key to launch it quickly and easily in times of need. If you play as the ‘meat shield’, ensure that you can boost your defense. Bear in mind though that your character’s level has the say on the amount of actions you can have. Whenever you level up, pay a visit to the “Action and Traits” to employ the abilities and or spells you have just learned. You can do this by pressing the ‘home’ key.

Making a wise decision is always a winner. During the game, make certain that you have the skills and abilities to win out before you engage someone in a battle. Each time you aim at an opponent, there will be a colored shield appearing inside a target box adjacent to the enemy’s name. The colored shield indicates your chances of winning against him. Thus, if the color is yellow or red, it means that you stand no chance against such opponent. If the color is green or blue, it means you will come out victorious. Of course, the color can be affected by the number of members you have in your party, as well as your rank and level.

Leveling up your character
Final fantasy XIV has a different concept of experience. In this game, you have to concern yourself with two types of level—the physical and the points. In the physical level, you can do almost anything in the game, be it a battle, a mining activity or fishing. You will earn points on a physical level by doing these actions. Now, as you increase in your physical level, you will be awarded with attribute and element points. 

There are many ways for you to spend both points, however, the best method is that which can be to your character’s advantage. As an example, you may find it useful to spend your attribute points in Vitality if you are playing a Tank. If you are playing a Damage Dealer, the best way to spend your points is the Strength to support your character.   The element points can be quite tricky. But to simplify matters, the element points are best utilized to supplement your character’s defense and elemental abilities. Now, by engaging in a battle while having a job, you will earn points which can be used to increase the rank of your job. As you increase in your rank, you will learn new abilities such as those you have never experienced before. However, such abilities are limited to your character’s action points, and you cannot use it immediately. This means that every ability has a corresponding point, and the only time you can use some abilities is when you acquired that point. Limited points means limited use of number of abilities. As your rank increases, your action points increase as well. And when they do, you can now use your new abilities. It is important to manage your action points well as there might be abilities that are not quite helpful to your character. Discarding those least used abilities would be a good decision as you can accept newer and more powerful abilities which you may previously not have the necessary action points.

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Your first Quests
After learning new abilities and spending your points, you may ask yourself, “What’s next for me now?”

By reaching this far, you have gained knowledge on how to spend point, and how to level up your character that you have chosen from 5 races. You are now technically ready to play the game. The problem is, you can get lost easily as the final fantasy XIV is a massive role playing game. There is no ground to have a fear as this guide will help you find your way through the game.

Now, during your battle on the ship, you managed to vanquish all your opponents. You get off the boat and have a moment of conversation with Captain Hob. He shall be your escort as you go through the Drowning Wench or the Adventurer’s Guild in the city of Limsa Lominsa. Upon your arrival, seek the companion of a certain Baderon. Baderon will suggest that you pay a visit to Camp Bearded Rock located outside Limsa Lominsa, on its first level. Reaching your destination can be done by taking a flight of stairs or a ride inside the elevator. 

Go east and walk through the bridge until you reach outside Limsa Lominsa. Head north until you reach the Aetheryte crystal, which are among the mainstays of the XIV edition. At this location, you can get started with your quests, and read pointers about the game. The tutorial is as important as the benchmark of the game. Read everything you can gain deeper understanding of the game. 

Also, the aetheryte crystals can replenish your HP and MP, allow you to invoke the favor of your Guardian and increase your experience points upon completing a quest. After your encounter with the crystal, return your way to the Adventurer’s Guild inside the city and speak with Baderon. He will give you a piece of advice on your next destination—the Cooking Guild. 

The Cooking Guild is located on the north side of the second level of Limsa Lominsa. When you have reached your destination, you will be asked to turn in your fish which you received during your sea voyage—you may not notice it, but you actually have it. Baderon has also left a word for you on the Musketeer’s Guild located on the west side, on the first level of the city. If you feel lost, just press the ‘M’ key for the map to appear on your screen. After you have accomplished these two task, return to the Adventurer’s Guild to receive your levequests. 

Before you pursue any of the levequest, read the tutorials on the levequests. This will help you get ideas on things such as fishing, botany, mining and the combat system. During the initial phase of your adventure the Disciples of the Land will be influential in your capacity to earn Gil. The levequests are generally basic and easy to accomplish. They are also effective at boosting your cash flow upon completion.

Earning Gil
Pursuing a few quests will enable you to earn points for leveling up and scanty Gil. By then, you would realize that you have outgrown your gear. To earn more gil, you need to have a job. The best job to apply is fishing as you can just sit idly on one spot for a few hours until you caught fish, which you will sell for Gil to a non-playing character. You can also cook the fish and eat.

To start fishing, you need a fishing pole which can be obtained from the Fisherman’s Guild located on the south of the city on its first level. After the fishing pole, you will also have to acquire some bait. Secure yourself with lugworms and go straight to the docks just outside the Fisherman’s Guild. Use the fishing pole as your main weapon and slug worms for your pack slots. 

The massive game resembles much of the real life. At first, you may not be adept at fishing. But over time, you will hone your skills and catch different types of fish easily. As you cast your fishing pole into the ocean for the first time, you would notice a depth meter, which indicates the type of fish you would likely to catch. The best catch to have is the clams as they sell with the highest price. Clams can be caught at the bottom of the ocean, hence, your fishing rod should reach that far. Fish can be caught in the middle of the ocean, while kelps are on top of it. However, depth meter is not absolute as you could catch any type of fish at any part of the ocean. Still, it is worth a try.After the depth meter, it is time to learn the jig system. After you cast your line into the ocean and you feel that something bites, you have to jig the line. The jig system works like a ‘hot and cold’ system; you have to monitor your text box to ascertain whether you are getting cold or hot.

Upon reading a statement like “you are taking in line”, you need to cast the jig meter back on the same spot or nearby. If you read the statement “the fish is taking line”, this means that you should transfer your jig meter to another position. In your first attempt, do not be disappointed if you get one or two jigs. This is normal for beginners. You get more jigs and catch more fish as you spend more time fishing. 

The best areas to fish are the hot spots, which are indicated by an animation of fluttering light seen at the end of the fishing rod. This means that your patience will soon pay off. You can stop the jig meter on your first time with a J or G keys, and navigate yourself to a good catch.

Though you may earn Gil from fishing, mining or hunting, the amount may not be as fulfilling as the one you will receive when you complete your quests. These jobs are only good for part time, they should not be treated as a career in the game.

Switching Races and Gear
Now that you have earned enough Gil, you may want to treat yourself with new gear in preparation for the adventures that lay before you. Most of the shops in Limsa Lominsa are located on the first level. You can reach the area by taking the elevator. Go straight on your left as soon as you exit the elevator. Continue treading until you see several shops. This is the East Hawker’s Alley or West Hawker’s Alley. This is where you can shop for weapons of different classes. In final fantasy XIV you can switch your character and your job instantly by equipping yourself with a particular gear and weapon that belongs to a particular class or character. If you are playing a Conjurer and you want to switch to a Gladiator, you can just purchase a sword, and you become the character.

Being able to switch on to another character does not oblige you to do so. It is just your privilege. If you play as a magic user, and you want to deal a direct damage, you have to remember that you have spent all your attribute points in non-strength approaches. Eventually, you would find this boring and plan on creating a new character. If you have to, choose the character that is best suited for dealing direct damages.

It is also here when all players converge to sell and buy goods that they have found during their quests and adventure. For now, most of what you need can be found from other players. The makers of final fantasy XIV promised that there will be an auction house soon. Until then, try negotiating with some players about your needs. So, there goes everything you need to know about the crucial first 10 hours of your game. If you think you missed out on something, find your way through the guide here. Remember that what matters most is that you should be having a good time playing the final fantasy XIV.

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