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If you are a Final Fantasy XIV enthusiast, you should find the strategy guide to be particularly helpful. The Strategy Guide on Final Fantasy XIV contains information such as the classes and corresponding strategy and gameplay. In order to master the FFXIV keyboard controls, you may need to know the graphical guide provided by the Strategy Guide on the Final Fantasy XIV. While it is possible to select which class you may use in a game, the city-state where you have originally chosen can have an effect on the classes that you are especially enthusiastic in concentrating on. As an example, playing the the Archer and Tanner may have an easier time with their respective class in Gridania as both the Guilds of Archer and Tanner are also located there.

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All throughout the game, the FFXIV players can enjoy four disciplines, namely, the discipline of War, Discipline of Magic, and Discipline of the Lands.

In Disciples of War, the player can choose classes such as the Gladiator, Lancer, Marauder, Archer, and Pugilist. In Disciples of Magic, you can play as Thaumaturge or Conjurer. Among the classes in being a Disciple of the Land are Fisher, Botanist and Miner. Finally, being a Disciple of the Hand has more options like the Carpenter, Culinarian, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Weaver, Tanner, Goldsmith and Armorer.

Your character’s present Discipline is distinguished by the items in his possession, which can also serve as the basis in ascertaining the level of his skills. By updating or changing a disciple’s weapon and or tools, the players can also switch from one Discipline to another at anytime during the game. This approach is termed as the Armoury System. The Armoury system enables you to change your class or character to best fit your game. Thus, you can begin your game playing as a melee fighter, and later on, switch to a caster, a gatherer or crafter by changing on the type of weapon you use. The system of Armoury makes Final Fantasy XIV a unique and flexible in all multi-media games.

Nonetheless, while you can switch from one Discipline to another, the physical level of your original character remains the same. This means that the physical level neither goes back to the basic level nor accelerates to the next even if you changed weapons or tools. Through the Discipline level, however, you may decide which skills you would like to have access to. Some of the abilities that you have already mastered can be used in any Disciplines, while some skills are restricted to one or two Disciplines. When it comes to this, you may employ a non-main Discipline skill, which can have a higher casting time, cool down time and even cost. The Strategy Guide of FFIXV provides an overview on different classes of the game based on their disciplines. They are below.

The design of Final Fantasy XIV geared towards making the skills as the basis for progress in the game. The character races will have a similar appearance but differ on some aspects as players customize their avatars according to their style and standards. The choice of weapon, however, has an impact on the ‘character development.’ There are two types of experience points introduced in Final Fantasy XIV. These are the class points and experience points.

The experience points enable you to increase the physical level of your character, while the class points will advance the rank of your character. Engaging in all types of action in the game—such as harvesting, crafting, casting, and fighting—makes your character to earn class points and experience points.

In engaging in any battle in the game, all classes have the ability to fight. Each class has its own assault that does not need any TP or MP for that matter. However, some classes of Disciples of the Land and Hand having this type of ability should not regard this as an effective source of inflicting damage against another character as it is just a basic attack. Hence, its level is weak.

Just like most games, the Final Fantasy XIV features a stamina bar which fills in time during the game. Each action you make costs a specific percentage of the stamina bar.

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