Final Fantasy 15 – Complete the Ultima Blade in Chapter 3!


Best of luck!

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  1. Helpful Tip for anyone farming the horn unlock Gladioulus "Dawnhammer" with Hardedge and use it on the Duohorn. It has 100% break rate, the drop rate is still 10% unless you eat the Mom and Daughter food for the 50% increase.

  2. Here I am with my Cid just saying "Yall get some power" or whatever and never taking items 😀 stupid ass broken games

  3. Awesome video. I tried for an hour to get the sturdy helix without the prep work and got nothing. After I got the sword and used the recipe I got it first try.

  4. I can't tell if my save is broken Cid won't give me any weapon upgrade quests after engine blade 1 and I have finished the game and have most parts for all the other weapons

  5. im retarded… I noticed i had the quest pending for a better engine blade III and I was wasting my time trying to get an extra sturdy horn… wow… lol

  6. This hunt is so retarded, ive knocked the horns off the correct beast but the game doesn't record the drop. Ive seen Duplicorns running around the area without their horns so why dont i get credit for knocking them off?

  7. So I have the Engine Blade 2, but there is no upgrade quest. I have the Glass Gemstone and the Sturdy Helixhorn (or whatever it's called, and yes I have the Sturdy one, not the Curved one). I go to Cid and he has no quest for me, and won't take the gemstone. Why? I have no weapons upgrading either. I've waited for almost two weeks (in game) so that would be long enough for him to finish any other weapon. I did that cat quest that leads you to the upgrade of some other upgradable weapon, but didn't finish the second part you get from Cape Caem. Could that be why I can't progress my Ultima Blade quest?

  8. thx for the guide and tips. I tried eliminating the small horn first and save. Only to get the sturdy horn when I continue defeating the rest, haha.

  9. Note: if you sold your engine blade by mistake or something you can get it back as long as you give cid the pieces he needs to make the next upgrade of it.

  10. u left out how to find the recipe for the mother and child rice bowl, i could not find that chickatrice leg for nothing lol

  11. I am quite new to the game and I am bad at aiming at specific parts. I am also unsure of operating wait mode as I tend to rush or wanting to finish things. I am in Chapter 3 and doing side quests to get the hang of the controls, though I can't get block/parry and airstep

  12. So I got the engine blade II in chapter 2, went to chapter 3 to get the gemstone and I can't get Cid to upgrade or do anything else. Can anyone help?

  13. Funny, I gave Cid the horn in chapter 3 just found it going through the quests before ever seeing this. in chapter 5 now but Cid still hasn't called about the sword.

  14. Warp strike the Duplacorns head using the Royal Arms Shield. Using this method has a far greater chance you'll snap off the horn and get the drop. I did it my first time after screwing around with the method in the video.

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