FINAL FANTASY 15 ALL Summons Gameplay FINAL FANTASY XV Shiva Bahamut Leviathan PS4 Pro/Xbox One


FINAL FANTASY 15 ALL Summons Gameplay FINAL FANTASY XV Shiva Bahamut Leviathan PS4 Pro/Xbox One

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  1. Why CAN'T you summon Ifrit? it doesn't make sense – he represents one fundamental element (fire) in the game :(((((((

    i feel a bit disappointed through, I think it would be much much cooler if you can control your summon (like FF13, FF10) and not like just drop a bomb….

  2. They had a list of ALL summons which was a LOT…. Guess they decided not to use them. Kinda disappointing. Stupid you can't summon Ifrit even though they added him.

  3. Final fantasy 12 espers are the best!belias,addrammelech,Mateus,shemhazai,hashmal,famfrit,cuchulain,chaos,zalera,zeromus,exodus,ultima,zodiark,im gonna miss u.

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  5. I like Bahamut, and seriously….FFXV screwed up by not letting you summon easier, even if it was an end game extra. But no, way to continue the lack luster bull of games nowadays.

  6. can one game share with me I need final fantasy xv I have cod 13 and battlefield 1 and dark souls 3 and 2 and more

  7. Do you think we will get some DLC that will let us have more summons? or at least have some sort of quest letting us get the mark from Bahamut and Ifrit?

  8. Why do these summons only pop up when I least need them? Fighting a pack of the undead unicorn things then all of a sudden they're like "hey, you got it? We'll help you with that meaningless hunt!" But later when I'm getting bombarded by 10,001 deamons they're like "Nah fam, you got this!"

  9. wow they really needed to change ifrit's design.. FF8 ifrit was so badass, FF15 ifrit looks like a shit…. why they don't keep original design …………bah….

  10. I was pretty disappointed in Bahamut he's suppose to be a dragon not a flying knight only two times had Bahamut not been a Dragon in 12 and now this

  11. I am actualyl confused with this Bahamut. When You talk to him in the Crystal he has a manly voice. But when he gets summoned he has these eyes 3:35. Maybe he is androgynous inside his armor

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