Final Fantasy 15 – 500k Gil an hour! No exploits!


500,000gil+ an hour in Final Fantasy 15. No exploits and no farming! Just patience! All you need is to be up to at least Chapter 9 and have 10,000 gil to spend, then follow my guide!
Check out this video if you want to know the basics of the JM5 mini-game!

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  1. I randomly found that game the other day and played it for like 2 hours I think I got like 50 of those things and then died. Was I not supposed to die but just quit for a prize? Cause I got nothing

  2. It Does Work and boy is it boring af, but it's worth it imo. Tips for it to be faster
    1.) Spam x/attack button or something
    2.) DON'T SWAP! And use the special of your monsters at boss fights or stages with 3 monsters then just spam x. This way you can clear the level faster and get to roll the roulette faster as well.

  3. if you farm the wyvern hunt out by the volcano and use the buff food that increases drop rate by 50% you can make 500k an hour from the wings they drop and you'll get xp and ap so i'd say its a better deal than the pinball…

  4. If you don't try and manually stop the slot machine on treasure, any idea on how often it will give treasure as opposed to useless buffs?

  5. I got my first half million gil last night after watching your guides, took me about 50 minutes, the game is actually a fun little distraction. I'm gonna try the x/A spam tonight and see if i can get it down to 25 minutes like others have said.

  6. U said it would take about 40-60min 2 do this. At 2hours. I only had 80 treasure chests. Is there a secret way 2 get 99 treasure chests quicker?

  7. Hey dude, do you need to get 99 to get the prize for the money or can you get less let's say like 50 or so and still get money or do you just get like an item, like with 10 treasures I always get an ether.

  8. ive gotten 99 treasures twice.. first time almost 5 hours, second time well over 3 hours… i collect all 4 spins on every level, and didnt go through slowly.. killed everythkng as aoon as id had my 4 spins.. did it today and gave up after 20 mins and 13 chests.. it sucks big time

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