Features Of Samsung LN52A750 LCD TV


Samsung LN52A750 is one of the finest models of the Samsung 7 series range. This model looks awesome with the touch of red in its black frame. Besides having stylish appearance, this high definition TV comes loaded with lots of features, which makes it one of the best LCD televisions available in the market.

Features Of Samsung Ln52a750

Dimensions And Weight

The dimensions of this TV are 52 X 31.7 X 4.2 inches without stand, and it weighs 80.7 lbs.

Picture Quality

Samsung LN52A 750 has a superb picture quality. This 52 inch LCD TV has a resolution of 1920 X 1020 pixels, which gives good picture clarity. With the presence of Auto Motion Plus 120 Hz technology and the response time of 4ms, even the fast moving pictures look sharper without blurs. This makes it ideal for watching or playing action packed games or movies. The Ultra Clear Panel ä and Wide color gamut makes the colors of its pictures more natural and vibrant. This technology also reduces glare, which allows you to watch your favorite movie or sport sitting anywhere without worrying about the reflections. The dynamic contrast is 5000:1, which also makes the picture crispier and sharper.

DLNA Technology

The DLNA (Digital Living Network Association) technology, allows you to easily access your media files i.e. movie, music, and photo files through the remote, irrespective of where your PC is located in the house.

Internal Memory

This LCD TV has an in built flash memory of 1 GB. This memory comes loaded with entertainment and educational programs like cookery, games, exercises etc.

RSS Feeds

This HDTV by Samsung has the option of RSS feeds. This feature allows you to have regular updates on news, stock prices, or weather. The data inputs are received from USA today and there is no need for you to remain hooked to your Internet, while watching TV. You will get all these updates on your TV screen at the touch of a button.


This TV has number of ports, which allows you to easily interface with other devices. It has USB 2.0 port, which allows you to connect various external storage devices, compatible with it. You can also view your JPEG and MPEG files on this TV. It has 4 HDMI ports – one on the side and 3 on the back, 1 PC port on the back, 2 Audio Video composite ports – one on the side and one on the back, one port each for connecting headphone and DVD on the side.

Energy Efficient

Besides being loaded with so many features, it is energy efficient. It consumes less electricity; so you will not only save on your monthly electricity bills but also the environment.

In short, this Samsung HDTV is ideal not only for those who are interested in watching TV but also for the ones interested in gaming or using it as a PC monitor. This TV comes with a warranty period of one year and costs around $3000.

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