FAST LEVEL UP METHOD In Final Fantasy XV FROM THE BEGINNING (EXP Farming In Final Fantasy 15)


Final Fantasy XV, Tutorials, Guides, In this video I show you a fast way to level up your character at the start of chapter 2, I farm EXP by finding two groups of enemies, killing them, then waiting for more enemies to respawn seconds later. You can do this infinitely and level up quickly by killing imperial troops for experience points.

– Fast Gil Farming Method –
– Fast AP Farming Method –

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  1. A tip to improve this method: use drain lance and cast blizzard when they first drop, these enemies drop many itmes that multiply casts or give additional casts. A tip for mid game grinding would be farm bounties: a good one is, near the volcano, there is a bounty for wyverns. Each run will get you 4k xp, approx 4-7 wyvern wings(sell for 1.6k per wing or can synth to make amazing spells) and it only takes about 2 mins per run

  2. Fuse 30 distorted coins with Fira, Blizzara, or Thundara to make Firaga, Blizzaraga or Thunderaga this gives you exp from enemies as if they are level 99. Example I made a Firaga spell with level 99 exp killed the behemoth for the chocobo quest and got 42k exp instant level 20 to 35. I used this method against the level 52 samurai in the first dungeon in a mine where the goblins are killed him and got about the same 42k exp and have't cashed it in yet. Note you only need to use spell once to take effect and you must kill bosses or enemy don't run away

  3. Once you kill all the soldiers a big mech will kill you after about 3 game days and you won't fight soldiers anymore and you will die. If you get stepped on it deals 9999 every time it hits you or shoots you. Not a very good farming method. It works but for a little while.

  4. I used a similar strategy, but it worked until I hit certain enemies, with me it was a level 75 giant robot, since then did not was the best choice, spent many resources to beat the enemies.

  5. Surprised that the Cactuar leveling trick isn't in here. Simple enough, find the Cactuar farm spot west of the camp directly  west of Hammeread, he spawns once a day, kill him in one shot with a rare coin mixed magic for Experience Boost level 12, with an experience boosted meal which gives around 12-13k experience per kill. camp,eat, rince repeat.

  6. to easily handle the rifleman groups, craft level 2 unicast spells by doing 99 fire 99 blizzard 99 lightning, you can add 7 antidotes to give it 99 poison as well if you want, (helps you fight very high level opponents, for example level 30+ enemies at level 5-10), this takes some travel time but all you have to do is wait for them to all jump out of the dropship and bam, one shot all of them all at once with your nuke

  7. uhhhhhh yeah, this isnt really a guide its common knowledge. On a second not, i beat iron giant at lvl 10. yeah i used some potions but its not really that hard. Fighting mobs at night gives rhe most exp also as most of them are big baddies like iron giant.

  8. This method really helped me out since I got the game as soon as it was out and when I started looking for ways to level up, this was the video I found anyways so thank you spider games.

  9. This is not a secret I been doing this from time and I run around at night too I can kill the iron gian at lv 36 and kill the night drop ships too

  10. Btw do we get gil from generic encounters. I've never paid attention to it. If we on't this would be incredibly dumb.

    This early game is really necessary if it works. I'm so annoyed. I can try risky stuff like going on the early game night hunts but there really isn't enough time or enough 'lukewarm' fodder in one area to just mow down and collect the points.

    This is not like previous FFs where enemies of 'okay' levels can be beaten and you're not under any retarded time cycles before you have to retreat. Also for no reason at all the recommend level for chapter 3 goes from 10….to 19. I find it utterly retarded that this game was designed this way. Granted there are some super cheap exploits later in the game but to even get to them or get to a level where you're comfortable enough to take on certain challenges in the early game……or just to explore is just retarded.

  11. I'm stuck on lvl 8 and my exp points are not cashing in when I rest. Can somebody help me out or have any suggestions I can't advance in the game bc they are too weak to fight new enemies.

  12. Bro,the best method is debased coin and rare coin,i am not good in speaking english but i will tell you can see a video in youtube his name is dreadded,thats will show you about rare or debased coin farm,thats insane man i am lvl 99,and thats very easy,the most important things is never sell rare or debased coin

  13. I ran into that iron giant with bombs. Some how I beat them, but two steps in the wrong direction and two of them appeared with bombs when one was with 25% health left. My team got decimated.

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