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Neighbors is a very important free Farmville resource. Your neighbors can send you free farmville gifts, fertilize your crops plus offer you a possibility to earn from their Mystery Eggs, achievements and lost animals. If you help out on their farms, you can also earn coins and xp for fertilizing their crops. There is no denying it– in Farmville, you need neighbors!

How to Get Neighbors

You may want to invite other people from one of the numerous Farmville fan sites if you don’t have lots of friends who play Farmville. These sites will have lots of people who are all looking for the same thing that you are—more neighbors! Be sure to mention “Farmville” in your message when sending an invite. To find these fan sites, search “Farmville” on Facebook and look through the results. The application “Farmville” will have a list of people you can try adding friends from. Additionally, you can try “FarmVille!”, “farm ville”, etc. for more players.

How to Benefit From Your Neighbors

Check the Facebook Live Feed from your friends. When your friends ‘Share the Wealth” from achievements, you can celebrate with them and collect between 50-500 coins. Return the kindness and always “Share the Wealth”.

Also keep an eye out for Lost Animal posts from your friends. By adding lots of neighbors and watching the Feed, you can effortlessly get all the unique animals. This entails you to stop playing for a while and just observe the Feed. Unique animals can be adopted seconds after being posted, so you need to be watchful and have a bit of luck.

Mystery Eggs, a relatively new Farmville feature, work as bonuses for your friends. If you harvest eggs from your Chicken Coop, it provides you a possibility of collecting Mystery Eggs. Only other people can hatch these Mystery Eggs, it is not possible to hatch them yourself. You can also collect special items when other players post their eggs via Live Feed!

From time to time, your friends will get “Perfect Bunches” when they grow flower crops. They can choose to impart these flowers with you via Live Feed. Get a bunch of flowers or two while you’re watching for Eggs so you can beautify your farm.

Being a Good Neighbor

To your friends who have been nice enough to friend you, be a superb neighbor to them. Post all the things that you can share with them and be sure to send all your free gifts each day. If possible, go to their farms and lend a hand by fertilizing their fields. From this activity, you’ll both benefit and you can make your friendship greater as well. Bear in mind, when you’re watching the Live Feed, never horde all the Lost Animals for yourself. Let your other friends have a turn and come back tomorrow after you get a couple.

Every level in Farmville permits you to unlock different crops, earn a new title, and obtain new items. For further information about the different levels in Farmville, read Farmville Levels.

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