Faraday Future FF 91 | CES 2017 Reveal Event


Watch Faraday Future unveil their flagship vehicle: the FF 91.

Intelligent, electric, autonomous-ready, and connected across your ecosystem of devices, the FF 91 is ushering in the next generation of sustainable luxury mobility.

Experience this keynote reveal event held alongside the launch of #CES2017. See the FF 91 effortlessly park itself, accelerate from 0-60 MPH “faster than gravity,” and recognize its owner without even needing a key.

Learn more about the FF 91 and Faraday Future at


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  1. Although this car has a way to come, I am glad that Tesla finally is getting competition. This will probably help new electric and self driving cars start to become more popular among car manufacturers.

  2. at 22:40 the car didn't signal to turn and when it did it's 3 point back in to the parking the reverse lights didn't come on. yeah lucid you better shape up because no one is trying to get into an accident.

  3. I'm sorry, but I can't get past the fact that this guy is wearing a zip-up something under a blazer intended to be worn with a conventional 'dress shirt' and tie. Too, he's wearing jeans with that sort of jacket – something else really creepy, which has always signaled alcoholism/drugs/conformity/sneakiness/catholic schools… And, to make matters even worse, he's wearing shiny BLACK shoes with bluejeans. Is he from BRAZIL?

    I know the look was calculated to give the product launch a "hip vibe". But it doesn't. It just looks disingenuous, and betrays rather cynical assumptions about the potential customer base. It's insulting.

  4. My guess is that this car will cost $230,000 (I just wanted to guess a price so I can say I told you so to a friend if and when the price is unveiled). Technology wise I would say this car is more prepared for autonomous driving than Tesla but not worth the price.

  5. This car is way to ambitious for the company's first car. Tesla was smart and started small to gain people's interest and investors before they went all out and made their flagship car. Same thing with Ford over a hundred years ago, they started small and grew from there. It worked then and it still works now.

  6. @FaradayFuture, you cut your failure at 57:20 – instead of embracing your engineering fault you decided to deceive the audience (and all future customers) by having a technician enter the car under darkness. How's the depth of the grave you've dug for yourself? Deep enough?

  7. but motor trend tested the P100D and got 2.28s and counting the way thay lonched it that makes it 2.32s faster then the ff91

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