Far Cry 5 Developers Reportedly Still Waiting on Xbox One X Devkits


Though the hotly anticipated and highly controversial Far Cry 5 is scheduled to come out on the current top-end consoles, Xbox players may want to temper expectations — whether in terms of the port quality, release timeliness, or both. According to Gamer Headquarters, the team actually hasn’t gotten a chance to work on the Xbox One X version yet.

I was surprised to hear that they hadn’t received Xbox One X dev kits yet and while it’s approximately eight months away many other smaller developers gave gotten their hands on the 4K Xbox. There’s still a fair amount of time for it be optimized there, I was just surprised that the Far Cry 5 team hasn’t even gotten to touch it yet or get an idea of what power it has. 

Currently, optimization work for the new Far Cry title is done on the PlayStation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro kits, of which are readily available. The new game takes place out in the Montana wilds, in contrast to the more vertically arranged jungles and valleys of prior titles, which tend to be less familiar to its predominantly western audience. The enemies this time are extremists of a more homegrown variety — religious cultists that have taken over a town, brutalizing residents that don’t adhere to their twisted ideology. 

Naturally, in the face of the current state of American politics, that’s made it especially controversial

Far Cry 5 is expected to be out early next year, on February 27, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Presumably, Ubisoft already got their hands on Xbox One test kits some years ago, and don’t need any help getting it on the recently-discounted Xbox One S. The Xbox One X, on the other hand, is expected to come out November 7, just in time for this year’s holiday season, where it’ll go head to head against the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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