Eyebud 800 iPod Virtual Reality Display Product Review


You have heard of the custom earphone system for iPod called the earbud right? Well, now there is an Eyebud accessory too. That is correct and it is called the Eyebud 800 by eMagin Corporation. The Eyebud is a virtual reality display system with a little video which will be used for podcasting and also allows the listener to also look at movies or Music Videos. The Virtual Reality Super iPod Display has now made its debut and the iPod will never be the same.

The eMagin Corporation has completely taken the Las Vegas CES Consumer Electronic Display by storm with its announcement of the Super Eyebud 800 Virtual Reality personal display system. The company says that the system will enable iPodders to view movies while commuting on the subway to work or skip the in-flight movie for their own choice. Kids can be entertained on long trips without the expensive back of seat in-car video systems. Perfect for waiting in line for the doctor or at the DMV. In fact it is comfortable to wear just about anywhere.

The screen is very small but delivers high resolution and can plug into any video-capable iPod or video player. The company says that the; "SVGA (800 x 600) display delivers full-color video at 60 Hz from hand helds delivering SVGA, NTSC, or PAL signals." Although the screen is super small it is said to be the same as if you were watching a 100-inch Television from 10 feet away. The eyebud can be mounted to use in either eye and there is a 3D Visor (Z800) to shield your vision from the glare of the sun so you can use it even in the bright of day.

The combination of the earbuds high quality sound and the incredible video head mounted display make the Eyebud 800 the coolest little trick invention of year so far. It is not available at stores yet, but expect to be seeing it at the major Electronic Stores and on the Internet by June. And it has a battery for six hours of use too. You need this in 2006.

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