Ex-Tesla partner, Mobileye, will demonstrate self-driving system at CES 2017


Former Tesla partner Mobileye has released a video showing a self-driving Audi stopping for pedestrians and autonomously navigating through a busy city street. The video was posted on Wednesday but then quickly removed by the company. However, Delphi, who formed a strategic partnership with Mobileye this year following that company’s fallout with Tesla, posted a similar video demonstrating its radar technology using Mobileye’s EyeQ® 4/5 vision system.

Unlike Tesla’s approach to building self-driving technology, Mobileye’s system will rely on cameras combined with LiDAR hardware to map a vehicle’s surrounding. “Three factors will separate the leader from the pack in the race to offer driverless vehicles by 2019–best-in-class perception sensors such as cameras, radar and LiDAR, automotive experience and computer processing speed,” said Glen De Vos, vice president of services for Delphi.

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