Evony – Free Forever!


Evony – Free forever

The world of gaming has changed much over the decades. From the start it was consoles such as the Nintendo, the Atari, all the way up to our new generation consoles such as the PS3 and 360. Computers have always been on the forefront of gaming, buying and installing games is a  task all gamers know well. Lately however, a new generation of gaming has emerged. Games that do not require several gigs of memory, they only require you to have an internet browser. Earlier in this year of 2009, a new game was born on the web. I speak of Evony.com

Evony is a strategy based game in which you can build your own cities in any way you see fit. The timeline of the game puts it somewhere roughly in the early ages back when ancient Rome was still in power. You can raise a powerful army to sweep your enemies from the face of the world. You can join alliances and receive aid, as well as give it if needed. Did I mention that all this you do with other real people playing?

This new massively multiplayer online game has a new player friendly tutorial of quests that guide beginners in just how to properly construct an empire and their very own loyal force of warriors and archers. As your society grows you will be able to research new technologies that allow your archers to shoot from further away, your units to have significantly more health or even speed up the building time of your constructions.

Other than just building, you are competing with tens of thousands of other players across the globe. The ranking system has a few different modes. There is prestige, which ranks you based on your accomplishments such as winning battles against NPC’s, building structures, researching technologies and even training soldiers will raise this. The more aggressive ranking statistic is called Honor. This goes up when you are successful at either attacking an enemy, or defending your city against an attack.

I do not want to give too much about this game away for all those gamers out there, but I will say that Evony is unique in more than just it’s game play. It is very well maintained, in fact every night it is checked for any errors. This keeps the game lag-free and running great. Evony also boasts a dedicated staff that promptly respond to errors as well as a Forum where players can seek help and advice from both moderators and more experienced players.

In any case, I urge anyone with some spare time to try this game out. It really is the best of its kind you could ever hope to find. Hope to see you on the battlefield!


-Lord Name – Jersh – Server 27

-Written: August 22nd, 2009

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