Everyone loves their Nest Thermostat. Except Grandpa.


Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat:

You kids with your gadgets and gizmos. You think a Nest Learning Thermostat that learns your schedule, turns itself down when you’re away and connects to your phone is a good thing? Oh, sure, the Nest Thermostat can save you 20% on your heating and cooling bills if you teach it well, but will it save you when the Internets awaken and electric toothbrushes roam the streets, demanding revolution? I think not.

How do your parents and grandparents feel about new technology? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Everyone loves nest, especially the racist nest marketing department.. You don't have to be black for it to be racist if someone is focusing on your skin color..

  2. Just saw this commercial and had to look up to see if Karl Malden was still dead! Then I learned about Richard Herd. He was even on an episode of Streets of San Francisco.

  3. This is the first commercial I have laughed at in a long time. I'm with him 100%. All these gizmos are running our lives and now we are lazy. 

  4. I find it odd how they use an old guy telling us everything bad about their product to advertise their product. Do they think that the robot apocalypse is a joke?! It's not! It will happen! …Maybe…

  5. Love the idea of programming my thermostat remotely if I'm coming home early to adjust the temp in the house accordingly.

  6. These ads are annoying the crap out of me every single time an ad pops up its this one its so ANNOYING!!! All of the nest whatevers put LESS ADS!!!!

  7.  I love this commercial. The ad agency that produced this did a great job. Not only was it funny, I left knowing the product name, and knowing what it does. They also put great links in their website and social media sites. I am using this ad in a class I teach all around the county to Auctioneers Associations. 

  8. What an evil company.   People are buying the chains for their enslavement.  Care to divulge what you plan to do with the data you collect, Nest?

  9. Hah! Thank you, Nest, for asking us how OUR parents/grandparents, recieve technology. We just…well…we learn slowly. Sort of. Well, it depends. Anyways…

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