Even LinkedIn does not escape the fashion of stories

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Inspirational speeches specialists on LinkedIn will soon be able to share their disruptive routines, managerial tips and recruitment offers in video selfies. The social network bought at gold price by Microsoft in 2016 confirmed at the TechCrunch American site that he was working on a format inspired by Snapchat's stories.

entitled "Student Voices", the feature is first experimented with students from American universities. The latter can make videos filmed vertically which are then aggregated into campus-related playlists universities. Users can scroll them to the right or to the left like Snapchat and Instagram. An example has been published on the social network.

LinkedIn intends to surf the popularity of stories to encourage young people to share experiences in class, internship or study projects. According to a professional social network leader interviewed by TechCrunch, the feature is "a great way to help students connect with each other and create online communities."

No one escapes the stories

LinkedIn claims today 575 million users in the world. But the professional social network has been slow to evolve towards the mobile. The platform hopes to accelerate the movement thanks to stories, a video format that has become a must on the Internet. If the test at US universities is successful, the feature will be rolled out to all users in the future.

Popularized by Snapchatthe stories were originally intended to broadcast ephemeral personal content to a limited audience. Copied by Facebook, they meet today a resounding success on Instagram, and to a lesser extent on Messenger and WhatsApp.

Airbnb, Youtube, Google and some media also offer similar, less authentic formats for presenting real estate rentals, movie trailers and press articles in a more interactive way.

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