EPA Rollback, Tesla Model 3 Release Candidates, Lucid Air Pricing – T.E.N. Future Car News 3/17/17


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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology. This week news about: Tesla completes latest round of investment funding, raises $1.2 billion in equity; Kia Soul EV to get larger-capacity battery pack for 2017 model year; Pres. Trump vows to end “assault” on auto industry, reopens EPA emissions consultation period; Porsche confirms Mission E sports sedan will follow Tesla with OTA; Intel announces acquisition of Mobileye for $15.3 billion; Tesla produces and tests release candidates for Model 3; Electrify America submits first of five budgets for $2Bn, 10-year project; Alphabet’s Waymo seeks injunction to stop Uber from continuing its autonomous vehicle project; Lucid Air pricing announced from $60,000; Faraday Future accuses Chinese firm of copying FF91; Rooster Teeth founder gets his Tesla Model S shaded in flat color.

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  1. Huh. 60K for a Lucid Air? Guess I'll believe that when I see it. Funny how many little rinky-dink startups are trying to get into Tesla's space. Competition is great, but somehow I don't think Elon Musk is worried.

  2. im british…..n ok some trump stuff may be ok…but seriously this change on the environment and sustainability is ridiculous. The pollution kicked out over their is ridiculous.

  3. Oh… and 60k for the Lucid Air luxury sedan is a very good price base as long as there is no ridiculous packages to add

  4. Nikki for me climate change is no issue. What I am worried about is human health and the health of our. Children. Reason for so is that pollution and emissions ramp up cancer and nobody mentions it including you. Nobody says how much it is costing the governments health care too. These have to be our arguments. Our health is it hits everybody.

  5. I always worry when a government agency's penalties to pet projects for politicians instead of actually punishing a company for doing wrongs.

  6. The Soul EV got some efficiency improvements along with that pathetic increase in capacity. On the Korean cycle – which yielded near identical results to EPA for the 2017 model year, range increased by 22%. It is therefore expected to beat the LEAF 30 kWh.

    Hyundai (KIA's mother) has already said the Ioniq will get a significantly larger battery pack and a 200+ miles range "by 2018". Whether this means late 2018 as a 2019 MY or something earlier is not known.

  7. Hey, great show as always! …but you should use a focus card to setup your focus better. Place the card where you will be actually standing and adjust focus manually.

  8. I agree with Trump… I bet after 8 yrs no significant change to to environment around the worls. But expect to see city pollution higher.

  9. It is not like U.S. auto-makers have not already gone back to the happy "big, heavy and thirsty" attitude of their "better" years. And. after all, the Americans that buy small, fuel-efficient cars have a maddening habit of looking for Japanese stuff before even considering the local makes, so I would dio the same if I were them.

    Maybe fracking will keep in line the Saudis, maybe some day the American consumers will wake up with gasoline back at 9$ a gallon or more, and, lo and behold, SUV-seller big 3 will have to go for chapter 11 again – however, taking this into consideration is a kind of strategic thought that eludes far too many players.

    Changing regulations to favour the industry is pretty stupid – essentially because, if there is money to make, the good industrialist will made it nonetheless.

    Relaxing rules essentially helps the mediocre ones, which usually go bust anyway when the times get though.

    That said, give me my Hellcat, please…

  10. No GSA contracts to Nissan Leaf or Tesla or GM for GSA vehicles. Fossil Fuel more than three times expensive in maintenance under GSA rule 500.

  11. The reason California (CARB) is getting the lion's share of the VW settlement is because VW admitted that the work around was so they could get TDI approved for California's tougher smog certification. Also, TDI sales in California account for more than the cumulative sales outside it. The split in payment was based on who paid for the litigation (CARB) and which complainant has the largest stake (CARB). You have to remember, most States in the US have smog controls that are significantly lower than California and VW's TDI was available outside of California for a few years and accounted for pitiful sales. Once TDI got approved for California, sales took off.

  12. This is going to be a minority view, but I think that the big three companies who are patting themselves on the back, have managed to shoot themselves in the foot. Under the present rules, they were, more or less, being forced into EVs, and they don't like it. The easing of the rules will give them more time to do more of the same ICE cars. But the companies committed to EVs will continue (perhaps a bit more slowly), and lengthen their technical, sales and recognition lead over these luddite companies. So, companies like Tesla may actually gain more business and customers while the old companies continue doing the same thing over and over, until they join the horse buggy makers of the 1800's.

  13. Trump prove that he's a total idiot and he don't know how to run a free country I love that electric cars are getting more traction we don't want the us to become like China on a good day you can't see five feet in front of you.

  14. car companies are not changing anything for the current administration because they feel he wont be around for very long and any regulation he starts is just for the next four years…most people, right or left want better fuel economy, and clean air to breath

  15. Lucid Air won't be going head-to-head with today's Tesla Model S. I know it's necessary to draw some sort of comparison, but Lucid is years away from production…if they ever make it there.

  16. Rollback on mileage standards and at the same time raising gas prices, who is going pay the price on these changes? Just another way for Trump and his buddies to shake down citizens.

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