Engineering Your Own Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix


The Red Ring of Death. What a horrible sounding name, but that’s the name that the Xbox 360 three red lights error has come to be known by. It’s a clear indication that your Xbox 360 has undergone a general hardware failure. It’s not good news. Your system is going to need some repairs to fix 3 red lights on Xbox 360 and get back into operation. Many, including the Microsoft folks, recommend that you send the unit to a Microsoft repair center. You can do that if you wish, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

This error display is a clear indication that your Xbox 360 has a serious problem with overheating that has raised temperatures to a level high enough to cause a critical hardware malfunction, probably on the motherboard. The question now becomes, what can you do to resolve the problem and fix Xbox 360 red lights to get your system up and running again?

If you send your Xbox 360 to a Microsoft repair center you can expect to pay about $150 for shipping and repair, if you’re no longer under warranty. Even if you are still covered by the original warranty, you’ll expect to wait about seven weeks to have your Xbox 360 3 red lights fixed and returned to you. Unfortunately, many who have gone this route to have their units fixed have had the same problem reoccur several months later. You’re thinking that there has to be a better way. Well, you’re right.

Fortunately for all Xbox 360 gamers some smart people, who know the Xbox 360 inside and out, found a way to fix the Xbox 360 red lights problems. These procedures can be found in several repair guides that can be downloaded from the Internet. Instead of spending weeks and serious money to fix your Xbox red light problems, you can make repairs in about one hour! And these repairs are permanent. No more Red Ring of Death.

I’m reluctant to advise people as to which guide to use. There are several good ones and I don’t mean to favor one over the other. Having said that, however, I am quite familiar with two guides that are extremely helpful and accurate. Both are very easy to follow. They is the Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Repair Guide. There are many other guides on the Internet that purport to tell you how to fix Xbox 360 red lights, but quite frankly some of them are dangerous to use, not to you, but to the Xbox. The two that I’ve recommended have been successfully used by gamers for over two years.

Both guides provide you with excellent illustrations to make it easier to follow the step-by-step instructions, and both clearly identify all of the tools you will need, most of which are common everyday household tools.

I won’t go into the details of repair. That is a job for whichever guide you select. They are both similar in complexity. It’s pretty much a matter of removing the Xbox 360 plastic case, changing various pieces of common hardware on the console’s motherboard, and replacing the existing thermal compounds with fresh materials.

By using one of these guides, or an equivalent one, you will be able to repair your Xbox quickly. The guides mentioned not only deal with the 3 red light problem, but with all red light error whether one, two, three, or four lights. You’ll find that repairing your console yourself is easier than you had imagined. You’ll solve your problem cheaply and in record time. If you learn how to engineer an Xbox 360 3 red lights fix, and do everything right, you will never have to face the Red Ring of Death again.

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