Elon Musk on SpaceX winning multi billion contract from NASA


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  1. Well i guess if the competition ramps up to compete with spaceX Elon has won either way. He wants to accelerate the sustainability and space fields, and apperantly that's going well then :P

  2. Ask him what he has done with the 6 billion he received from US taxpayers- His 3 companies have not made a dime. The guy is a fraud, or criminal whichever you prefer.

  3. FOX admitting they thought Elon Musk was nuts yet they have time and time again called Trump/Bush smart geniuses. Who watches these people?

  4. What a wonderful man who is answering directly with no bs. I hope everyone roots for him. I'm from Sweden so we don't get any new jobs from this but he will make the entire world a better place.

  5. ya right she thinks about the landing "all the time" this anchor sounds moronic to say the least or it may be Elon is way over her head. she sounds like an idiot.

  6. Fox news is the first fail… And then publishing something that is ages old is your second fail. Worthless waist of everyone's time.

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