does windows 10 need antivirus?


do i need antivirus in windows 10 ?

should i pay money to buy any antivirus software? or builtin security of windows 10 is strong enough to protect me?

is windows defender good enough to protect my pc?

can smart screen filter of microsoft edge browser protect me from unsafe websites?

Do you even need an antivirus with Windows 10?

For Windows 10 ,is Windows Defender good enough?

Do you really need an antivirus software for Windows 10?

should i use smartscreen of windows 10?

Do you really need an antivirus software for Windows 10?

is edge browser safe?

Do you even need an antivirus with Windows 10?

if you have this kind of questions then you will get answer of your question in this video

Microsoft has dabbled in the antivirus business for longer than you might imagine. Back in 1993, MS-DOS 6 included an antivirus licensed from Central Point. That antivirus was later acquired by Symantec and integrated into the Norton Security product line. Over the years we’ve seen Microsoft Anti-Virus for Windows, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Microsoft Windows Defender. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s free antivirus tools will not protect your computer from all modern malware.

It’s important to distinguish the version of Windows Defender found in Windows 8 and 8.1 from the same-named component in Windows 7 and Vista. Before Windows 8, Defender only promised protection against spyware. You needed Security Essentials for full-scale antivirus protection. The modern Windows Defender offers the same protection as Microsoft Security Essentials; in fact, you can’t even install MSE on Windows 8 and window 10.

As for Windows 10, we haven’t heard much about tweaks to Windows Defender. However, the operating system itself can block execution of untrusted programs. So, as long as the bad guys don’t steal any trusted certificates (and that never happens, right?), Windows 10 may be a bit safer.

Results from the big labs are important, but I always run my own hands-on tests to make sure I have a good feel for each program. Windows Defender totally missed quite a few of my malware samples, and some of them were really nasty.

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Do you even need an antivirus with Windows 10?
For Windows 10 is Windows Defender good enough?
Do you really need an antivirus software for Windows 10?
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windows 10 antivirus test
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  1. Hello, thank you for your video, do you think if i use pirated softwares, their cracks is a malware or virus? My anti-virus always detect them but i disable it in order to do the crack, is it safe?? What do you think??

  2. after removing malware,all malware were not completely removed,they were still inside of system,but windows defender was saying it removed and then windows defender was detecting same malware again and again.

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