Does HomeKit work with macOS High Sierra?


After months of anticipation Apple has announced what’s next for macOS, with Tim Cook and crew taking to the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose to unveil updates to iOS, macOS & watchOS. It appears this year Apple won’t be giving macOS a huge push forward, with the company announcing ‘macOS High Sierra’ which brings updates to the existing macOS Sierra operating system. As usual with Apple software, leaked details on what was coming to macOS were few and far between however, one of the big questions on many Mac user’s lips was does HomeKit work with macOS High Sierra?

As mentioned above, macOS High Sierra is a refinement update rather than a full operating system update. The update which will be available to the public this fall improves Safari, the Photos application and updates the UI of Mail as well as bringing major graphics enhancements with the launch of the Metal 2 graphics engine that brings 10x improvement over the previous Metal 1 in graphics.

Does HomeKit work with macOS High Sierra?

No, at the disappointment of many Apple has chosen not to support HomeKit with macOS High Sierra. The reasoning behind their decision isn’t clear; you would think Siri on the Mac would at least be able to perform the commands you can ask on your iPhone or iPad, but apparently not. Apple is currently beta testing the latest version of macOS, so it’s possible support for the home automation controller will be added in the future however, it certainly is strange that such a big feature wasn’t mentioned at any point during the Mac segment of the keynote, nor has any beta code pointed to the release of the tool.

WWDC wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Mac, the company took the opportunity to update their iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook line as well as giving us a sneak peak into the iMac Pro, a new machine available this December.

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