DITTO IN POKEMON GO?! New Pokemon Go Ditto/Shiny Leak News! + New Double XP/Stardust Event


Big news in Pokemon Go today! Ditto is apparently in the game, plus some new pokemon go update news!
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  1. do you ever watch you own videos? i doubt it cause youd want to kill your worhmthless self
    imagine you grandmwa watching you do this fucking shit lol u waste

  2. Just found ditto like 5 mins ago. Caught a rattata, screen went purple, changed to an orb, and transformed back to ditto. Sadly only 80 cp.
    Kinda hoping it's semi common, so I can farm em for a 100% IV

  3. guys omg I actually caught a ditto omg!!!! he was a ratata! and then it said "oh" and it change into a ditto !!! omg omg!!!

  4. Christmas will probubly bring the legendaries and after the new year gen 2? Tell me what you think because we still dont have lengendaries!

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