Different Ways To Get Xbox 360 Laser Repair Guide


There could be many problems to your Xbox 360, but most annoying of them is due to its cleaning. Well, if you want to repair your Xbox at home, then the best way is to go for Xbox 360 laser repair. You can do it by just cleaning the lens, for which first you need to open the gaming console. Open the face plate with your fingers, which will allow you to take the end covers off without so much resistance. You can also do it by placing screw driver in the ventilation holes of the cover, which will help you in pulling up the cover easily.

Once you open the main cover, then you will proceed to the Xbox lens. There will be a long seven hole silver tool, which you need to push for pulling the casing apart from this section. Well, Xbox 360 laser repair needs very effective attention while working, because if any of the screw get lost then this will create many problems for you. So, once you remove the six screws from the edge of the steel casing, and then place them in a very safe place, so that you can get them when you need to close the casing of your Xbox. After this you will have access to repair the Xbox lens. For this, it is better that you pat cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and then uses it over the lens. This will clean off all the dust from the Xbox 360 lens.

Actually, there are many ways to get into the Xbox 360 laser repair. Dirty laser lens, which can prevent the Xbox 360 from reading game discs correctly and some time also cause open tray error, which renders your Xbox 360 of no use. You can solve these issues with cleaner discs, which can be easily purchase from the electronic stores and is very easy to use as well. Other way is to use the compressed air, which is also easily available from the entire electronic stores. This has special cleaning straw, which will remove all the dust from the lens.

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