D.I.Y. XBOX 360 WiFi Adapter


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In this video we show you how to create you own XBOX 360 WiFi adapter using only your Laptop or Netbook.

Follow the instructions in the video and let us know if you have any questions! .
Serious Business Inquiries Only: contact@householdhacker.com

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  1. @mets12100 i have ps3 ive never been hacked individually on xbox i always hear and see people getting their accounts get hacked i i wont lie tho xbox has a better market and interface

  2. My friend connects to my Internet wirelessly from his desktop PC and I already had this bridge set-up to it so he could connect his Xbox 360 as well without purchasing a wireless adapter for it. In other words it doesn't have to be a laptop as long as the desktop PC has a wireless adapter if you don't need to move it.

  3. I swear that girl in the thumbnail looks familiar… whered' you find it, odds are you forgot over the past 4 years but hey you never know

  4. never mind found it, not so difficult either, resemblance less to who I know but still from this angle just still looks like them…

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