Cry Streams: Final Fantasy XV [Session 18]


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Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday at 5pm EST to 8pm EST

Aight. Plot next session. I promise.

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  1. ("Sha'nana') Enter The Legend of Heroes: Sky Trails you asked along time a go what game did that sound for magic so i finiely found it but i would take a bet someone has already emailed the name of the game for you. JRPG/RT/Tactic

  2. awwww i feel sorry for this deep non understood creatures which just get killed the whole time, my reason not to play final fantasy XV even though it looks amazing

  3. Cry I want you to know that you are the only reason that I'm forcing myself to watch FFXV in english. I played it 2 times now and I'm still on the run for the 100% but I've only played it in japanese dub with german sub so far… the boys are so damn mean in english to each other it hurts T_T

  4. 7:34 Does Cry is marry Bruno Mars? 😛
    16:23 The first stage of grinding: denial
    17:38 You should see the trick to make them get from lv 54 to lv 99 in 15 min (it basically involves having the bonus spell ability, crafting lv 9x expericasts with the coins you have, eat the lasagna at Altissia to get +100% exp, equiping moogle charms to get +20% exp, repeatedly leaving a battle – e.g., against a ronin – right after casting a expericast, and then getting the 3x exp by sleeping at the royal suite in Altissia)
    19:20 They're demons O.o
    22:23 What about warp strike?
    35:04 Cry's parenting advice
    41:14, 1:02:48 The result of being raised by MMOs (37:16)
    52:43, 59:54, 1:06:09, 1:14:17 Songblocked x4 (it finally happened at 1:17:40)
    55:20 The result of too much seduction (53:12)
    59:04, 59:14, 59:25, 1:05:28 Starshell all day, erryday
    1:24:15 #ToadPride
    1:29:38 Coming full circle
    1:31:521:32:08 That was fast…I wonder why ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    1:38:28, 1:38:45 Another amazing display of telepromptation O.o
    1:50:10 Learning the importance of a Safety Bit (1:20:22)
    1:59:26 Meeting master tonberry's (14:22) grandma (also Dave's aunt, apparently 2:13:38)
    2:26:55 Too soon T.T

  5. Does anyone else want a DLC of this game where you play as Luna during her journey, with the end of it being where she died?

  6. idk cry.
    Having a girl that you have to catch grenades for?
    Sure shes cute funny and her personality is great
    but for some reason, the german army fuckin hates her.

  7. if you find someone who loves pizza as much as you do, marry that person. because you both have something in common, and that's what marriage is all about, 2 people who find things in common with one another and wanna spend the rest of their lives together and make little human babies with the seamens and the eggs.

  8. i think ff 15 is the worst game and the best game at the same time,
    i dont know maybe because the story but at combat this is incredible amazing and other is good,
    only at story i fell missing

  9. 1:15:45 It started to sound like that one time you tried voice acting as a grandma reading a letter. Your voice went so high that I wasn't even sure it was you anymore XD

  10. I was watching videos of ffxv here and there and I found out there's another prompto scene at a certain area around Lucis. I hope cry gets it someday aaahhh

  11. Man… I came here to express my thoughts about this series to cry. Then I saw the comments… I just finished session 6 man. Fuck me. Who am I to check the comments? I love this game so much that I can't forget what i saw. Fuck. Me. In the ass 18 times.

  12. 'Ey Cry. Just a fan of you and this series here saying I gotta stop watching from this point as I finally got the game myself and I wanna go enjoy it without spoilers. Also, thanks for inspiring me to get the game. Without you and this series, I never would have wanted to get it, so congrats. Ya did what ya set out to do; inspire others to get the game and support. Or you just played cause it's fun and that's a bonusu. Once I finish it, I'll be back to see the conclusion of your own adventure.

    Also, fishing is so dope. Gets me AP and passes the time at night and the daemons can't get me. Invincibility framed as fuck.

  13. Don't they all (including the stream watchers) realized the safety bit prevents sudden death might mean prevent those Instant Death skills/magic like in the previous FF games?

  14. If I was there during this stream I would have stated that the sturdy horn isn't available by normal means like playing campaign, it's a hint but not telling him at the same time dood :3

  15. I would care more about Ignis breaking a nail while cooking than Luna being shredded to pieces and dying. 0 character, 0 development, 0 importance, 0 personality. She was the pretty blonde love interest, innocent in white and that is it. Fuck her.

    Hell, I cared more about JARED dying than Luna!

  16. 2:27:29, No one who has ever played this Game ever cared about Luna dying vs Ignis loosing his most beloved sense Cry. That is what the Develepors of this great game seem to not recognize. Maybe in Japan Blonde haired, blue eyed "innocent" girls are a fetish which the rest of the world ought to weep for if they die. However in reality, Luna Freya to players of the game was just some girl who had one or to cutscenes to develope story and died at Leviathon. The Girl could not even successfully tell the people of Altissia to EVACUATE instead of listening to her stupid speech about the "Gods" who love them. The same Water Beast snake which cares nothing about her or the Humans. Fuck Luna Freya. What happened to Ignis offscreen is why the World hated the rushing of such a potential Game of the decade. That bitch could not even use a cellphone to contact Noctis, no wonder why Umbra ditched her stupid ass. And before anyone chimes in "Well Luna was under lock and key and so was her cellphone". STFU, She is supposed to be the fucking oracle. She could have weilded ways around that if she was smart. And do not get me started about the POINTLESS cut scene with Noct and the Leader of Altissia which led to that. She has a Whole MAJOR FUCKING CITY of Accordo full of Guards and Servicemen, and yet tells Noctis his FUCKING 3, Fucking 3 party members are in charge of EVACUATING a City of at Least 50,000 People. HOW FUCKING STUPID is that?!!!#!!

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