Craving the New Motorola Krave


Motorola has been bit late in launching their new handset Krave. This mobile phone to an extent have spurred new handsets lover craving. Krave is a touch screen phone with all the multimedia functions. It has the trendy flip looks that attract the attention of all. It has been designed with particular sensitivity to users touch.

To give it a unique factor, the manufacturers of the mobile phone have provided with “twin layers of touch designs”. This means that when the flip is closed still you can access it multimedia features. You have complete access to live TV, VZ Navigator, picture gallery, camera, messaging and much more. If you don’t want to make use of these features in the mobile phone, then Motorola Krave offers you with the side button that enables flip lock. Hence, accidentally no particular option can be executed. This features shows optimal blend of functionality and design.

Beside this Krave has another unique feature also. Unlike other mobile phones it does not have the generic multimedia options. It has Vcast music with Rhapsody, which helps in easily buying & downloading music of one choice with the touch on phone. Further because of touch and drag function, one can view the albums stored also.

In addition to above features, one can access personal email accounts on mobile. Fairly well one can use all the applications use options like mail forwarding, replying, composing, sending, etc. To have the complete information about this brilliant handset, it is wiser to visit one of the online mobile stores.

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