Cosmic Propaganda Makes the Soul Poor in Truth and the Physical Person Rich in Lies Believed


Jesus preached that a rich man has less change to go to heaven than a camel has to make it through the eye of a sowing needle. His statement proves the fact that the universe is a propaganda scheme. Have patience. Bear with me. There is absolutely no doubt that the universe as seen from spirit is a virtual realm; and I will fully explain my viewpoint.

Jesus corroborates his above statement with Matthew 6:19, "Do not store up riches for yourself here on earth, where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal" (through the internet and any other devious means). In all Jesus' teaching he bears down hard on the fact that physical existence is a place very much down from the spirit (above) where he is from. Let me summarize some facts proven in my previous works and articles:

  • The Spirit of Truth in Jesus came to address souls, not humans; but because souls are not conscious in spirit he had to address their projected physical characters in the hope that through the human intellect the soul can be reached to understand again concepts in spiritual truth.
  • There is at least one god-Jehovah, Allah, Brahman, The Great Spirit, etc.
  • Jesus existed and he is the son of the most-high god (John 17: 24, 25).
  • The spirit in Jesus is Jehovah's adversary but as man he was his obedient servant.
  • Jesus preached that there is a god higher than Jehovah whom he calls "Good" and whom he calls his true father (Mat19: 16, 17; John 17: 24, 25). What is opposite of good? The Name of the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil" teaches us it is "Evil". Thus, if Jesus' father is "Good" then Jehovah must be god "Evil" What is the opposite of real? Is it not fiction-a virtual reality? Jesus called the universe a realm of darkness and its god the prince of darkness because no truth can be found in the universe.
  • The universe exists as a collective dream state in comatose souls. A state in souls that had rejected the truth and true reality as a mere fiction and adopted a fictitious scheme of reality as the true reality. Physical existence is hell because it is a substitute for true reality.
  • Hell could never be associated with true spirit-thus hell is a virtual realm. The universe will be rolled up and redeployed-that sounds like some sort of a virtual computer reality.
  • While people make hay and play on earth, their souls are dying in spirit.
  • Physical existence is divided into an almost infinite amount of sections, stacked from the least maligned for human beings to the most maligned section as inert non-matter). Jesus admonished that the flesh can not inherit the kingdom, meaning that fiction has no standing in true reality / spirit.
  • The universe is based on souls' misconception of truth. Jesus always hammered home that he is the fountain of truth / living water while the people were starved of truth because they exist in the fantasy and the outworking of a spiritual lie believed in their hearts. The longer a soul persist in believing the lie, the more dead-like the soul becomes until there is no spiritual life left in the soul at all.
  • The spiritual warfare is between Good / The spirit in Jesus / truth and Evil / the spirit called Jehovah / deceitful propaganda (John 8: 19-end; John 17: 3).
  • Those who rely on previous effort to continue to sustain themselves in their present endeavors are devoid of the ability to ever enter the kingdom of heaven (Mat 6: 19). (It will be explained below) They do not, will not, and can not understand their physical predicament.

Jesus stated that souls attached to humans believe in lies more than in truth. Let us examine professionals having higher education of at least a BA or a BS degree. They rely almost completely on their previous schooling to sustain themselves and their families. Or take for instance people who are born with a golden spoon. A rich man (a man with an education that easily provides for sustained middle-class or higher standards of living) is tied hand and foot to his degree or to the funds provided by family riches. Educational degrees are granted to people by people. It is all material-oriented. There is not a pixel of spirit in the earning and using a degree from a human institution.

Jesus said that no one is your leader, teacher or master. He said that only one can give you the truth-the Comforter. It is your choice. What Jesus means is that if you as a human being completely align and entrust yourself to the authorities of man, religiously and / or commercially, you seek your rewards from the activities of man in a virtual realm of being; but if you, as the physical projection of a living comatose soul in spirit, entrust yourself to the leadership of the ambassador of spirit, the Comforter, you will be guided back into the realms of true spirit – true reality. Jesus admonished that you should get your education from the Spirit in Jesus as Comforter, not from man in his traditional settings. Relying on an education degree, or scamming people of their hard-earned money is the easy way out. Jesus stated that if you receive your reward in earth you simply can not ever attain to understand spiritual truth. It is a personal choice between "Good" in truth or "Evil" in a fictional setting based on lies believed (by holding dear certain false spiritual suppositions about reality that makes you as soul blind to spiritual truth. If you seek the ways of man as physical creature you get rewarded as man, but if so seek the ways of the Comforter as spiritual soul you will be led back into "all truth" – reality. If spirit is the understanding of "all truth" then the physical environment is the understanding of and familiarity with "all lies".

Every minster, pastor, holy man, and the clergy in the Roman and Orthodox Catholic Church organizations and of any other known religion relying on their very high educational accomplishments in the seminaries of men simply can not proclaim the truth because once the truth is understood by the laity; the laity is done with religion. Religion is for those who are made to believe in lies more than in truth. There is not an organization in existence, in government, in business or in any religious creed, that does not rely on deceitful propaganda to sell products, services, religious dogma, etc. to stay in business. If people engaged in such organizations get paid through the sales and management propaganda techniques tof such organizations they are effectually engaged in some form of deceit and they can not enter into the realms of pure truth. They can only hope for the rewards they count on in the physical setting (hell). They believe and rely on lies more than in truth to sustain themselves in their physical bodies created through spiritual believe systems of lies. Seminaries teach man's knowledge about spirit; the Comforter teaches god knowledge about true spirit.

The outworking of these lies for each soul is represented by their present physical personal existence. As long as soul identifies its existence through the deceitful fibers of physical flesh, it simply can not accept truth of reality. The soul that pursues beingness through physical life is proof that truth is not in its mental frame. If soul was in a mental frame of truth it could not be present in the physical universe. Some of the reasons that Jesus was born among the Jews are:

  • Jesus as spirit chose to come among the Hebrew Jews because the Hebrews were the only people who had a written account of the fall of Adam and Woman in paradise. As we can all read in the Bible in Genesis 3 and 4 they fell because they believed a lying spirit called serpent. This spiritual fall is crucial to creature existence in the universe and for human kind to understand why the spirit in Jesus came to earth at all. Jesus came to dispel the faulty spiritual ideas on which the universe and our physical bodies are based by making us aware of the truth of which he, as an ambassador from the spiritual realms of truth, is the fountainhead.
  • Jesus was Adam's god in paradise (as Jesus said, "I told the truth from the very beginning [in paradise] -even before the world was made.") Adam subsequently rejected the spirit in Jesus as god by making the liar (the serpent ) he believed his god and by following this serpent into the idea of ​​physical nature (also called hell).
  • On the above premise Jesus ask permission of Jehovah to enter the virtual physical realm to again inform souls of their defunct existence in reality that they abandoned in favor of a virtual kind of existence. Jehovah had promised the Hebrew Jews a Messiah. Jehovah gave Jesus permission only if he came among the Jews to fulfill Jehovah's promise of the coming of his Messiah.
  • Jesus was thus forced to cloak his real mission and purpose as the messenger of his enemy, the serpent. It was the only option open for the spirit in Jesus to teach among us.

All fiction and all system of power are based on deceit. This is axiomatic. One can not have power over others if one does not deceive those one would want to have power over. Deceived souls do not know who they are and what is real. They are lost and those having power over them through systems of lies believed (propaganda) can lead them and exploit them.

The serpent had the cells of Adam and Woman (souls) fashion the universe and creatures according to his designs. Then he appointed himself god over the universe and changed his name to Jehovah (Yahweh, Brahman, Allah, etc.) We know that Jehovah is a powerful god. He has proclaimed his power and prowess throughout the Old Testament. We know thus that he is a spiritual deceiver. Whom did he deceive? He deceived the spiritual beings known to us of Adam and Woman. After believing and acting on lies believed they lost standing in the realm of truth-true reality. They adopted a state of being comatose because they are practically eternal and have no real place to be anymore in true reality, the realm of truth. While being comatose the liar, now their new god, rearranged (brainwashed) their spiritual cells to a new thought pattern configuration through which the entire system of cells in Adam and Woman began to dream up a virtual existence in a virtual universe that we, as souls' projections experience as physical reality.

Each individual cell in Adam and Woman projects itself as a physical creature – first as human being and later (after absorbing essential amounts of extra deceitful propaganda) as animals and then as plants, organic matter, non-matter and ultimately it succumbs to the cumulative huge overload of lies believed under which load of lies the truth in soul completely succumbs; and then is no more. At that stage the complex of lies believed overcame its spiritual capacity to be at all.

This thesis fits completely in the overall teaching of Jesus to mankind in Judea and environs. Now, you can see that any person relying on education and wealth to have a more than even competitive edge over others is so steeped in the deceit of the virtual environment to ever see the spiritual truth of the matter. Being physically well off is a deadly spiritual handicap.

The information in this article constitutes the exceptionally rare pearl in Jesus parable for which the soul who finds it, and understands its value, will pay everything he has – his status and wealth, his person, the environment in which he exists in fact the entire universe. That again fits in with the thesis that if truth is again the driving mental state of soul the false existence of physical life must vanish. One has either a reality in truth or a reality in fiction, it can not be both (one can not serve two opposing masters-good and evil).

Now, I hope, you can see that those TV and radio ministries proclaiming wealth, happiness and health to those who believe in their religious Christian theories are liars who carve away a good piece of your wealth in exchange for believing him / her. These ministers and their flocks will not inherit the kingdom of the true god. People have to start looking through the fog of their spiritual brainwashing and begin to discern the truth of their physical situation. We are spiritual beings fooled to play seriously in a virtual realm of pure evil. We are so extremely deeply sucked into the physical setting that anything else but a physical reality seems totally ridiculous.

This is exactly the guise in which the prince of darkness cloaks itself and the physical environment in. There is thus the truth according to the truth in reality; and the truth according to some virtual set of premises on which the virtual realm is based and which virtual setup, when believed to be the truth, is the truth of the prince of darkness / the serpent / Jehovah for souls captured in this set of false premises.

This virtual realm even has a sun of abiding physical light; so, how can minds set in the physical environment ever believe that earth is a realm of darkness? It is part of the cosmic propaganda scheme. Yes, folks, you are 'sooh' brainwashed spiritually and physically that whatever is evil seems good to you and what actually is good and truthful comes across as utter foolishness, poison, and pure bunk.

Now, you are up to date. If you keep thinking that physical experiences and ambition and winning are where it is at, you do so at the cost of your own soul's destruction. I can not make it any plainer. It takes superhuman courage to forsake this universe , but then, you are not a human but a deceived soul who believes truth to be a lie and the lie to be the truth. Read everything Jesus said and meditate on it in the manner I have interpreted it; and you will see how perfectly my thesis harmonizes with the spirit in Jesus' teachings. You now have a sound basis for making your eternal choice of being. In the end you can only see it as I have told and you will forsake physical existence for existence in the truth in spirit. The ball is in your court!

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