Coronavirus: a high-tech tool for applying barrier gestures

On the new market for objects to fight the coronavirus epidemic, innovations are daily. The latest is the hook-shaped door opener. Made of copper or alloy, it keeps hands away from a potential contaminated surface. It is the work of the company Volum-E, from the world of luxury glassware, which previously distinguished itself by sending into space the first metal part designed in 3D printing in the history of the aerospace.

Located in Blangy-sur-Bresle (Seine-Maritime), Volume has put its mastery of additive manufacturing processes (the other name for 3D printing) in plastic or metal, usually intended for aeronautics and aerospace groups, at the service of the health crisis. “From the start, we wanted to be reactive and first provide local support,” explains Julien Bernard, Design and Communication manager. Produce for hospitals near us. In less than a month, with our innovation unit composed of 7 people, we focused on the needs. We were able to produce cane knobs for Ehpad, valves for respirators, of course supports for visors, or even aerators for Easybreath masks from the Decathlon brand for the CHU in Rouen ”.

A place to destroy the virus under the flame of a lighter

At the end of March, the engineers wanted to think “after”! “Our behavior will and must change, certainly for a long time. So we imagined a tool at hand. The Hook-E is born, ”details the frame. 13 cm long, fitted with a hook, it allows you to pull and push to open or close doors, press the keys on a numeric keypad, an ATM or an elevator. Handy and easy to use, it also allows you to turn keys using a notch.

And in the hollowed-out handle, the hook allows you to receive “a lighter whose flame temperature for 3/4 seconds cleanses the tip and destroys all traces of the virus”.

Printed at the moment at 700 units per week, the Hook-E is developed in two versions: “one in 316L stainless steel and one in Titanium. These are the most inert metals. Light and strong, therefore durable, they can be cleaned with soap or in the dishwasher ”. Dedicated only to resellers or for orders from 80 pieces, the Hook-E can be personalized with a logo or the name of the user. It takes a week of manufacturing time.