Copy of ONEPLUS 3T MOBILE PHONE & many more ( FOR JST RS 1 ) from DECEMBER DASH SALE 2016


Plzz Do as directed only don’t try to take any other way or else u may get confused with all these. Its very easy and simple so plzz follow steps.
Note:- It is necessary to go through my link only because the script is linked to my this link only. So if u already have made an account, create a new one as directed from any new no.

i recommend you to try it manually also in new tab
1. Go to the above link. Click on ‘Sign in’ under banner called Entry challenge.
2. On the next page, click on sign up with email. Fill out username, email id & other required data. (If email ID is already used, use a new email ID)
3. Once you sign up, verify your email ID by clicking on the link sent to your email address.
4. Login with your email ID & password on the next page.
5. Now, you’ll see right check mark against your first challenge.
6. Verify your mobile no. at the second challenge. THIS IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL STEP. You’ll not able to get 350 points if you don’t verify mobile no. (If mob no. is already used, use a new mob no. to get verified)
Sorry frnds I cud not share the mobile verification steps for security reasons
7. NOTE:- don’t put the address at that time because the script is made to make as many ambiguous entries as possible. So don’t put address till u click on SHARE.
At that time, you should have gotten 1 point in your account.
By this hack u would surely get more then 350 points so no need to worry
8. Now press Ctrl+Shift+I in your chrome/mozila. Select inspect, select console. Now copy this code in console space :
setInterval(function(){ document.getElementById(“progressPoints”).innerHTML=”450″; document.getElementById(“invitePoints”).innerHTML=”449″; console.log(“Script Activated”); },10);
5- Click on share n its done..
6- Don’t forget to press enter key after the script
Do this after sharing only otherwise may lead to errors in future.
Bravo!!!! U r done. The changes will reflect at the server end after sometime because the script keeps on working at the server end and once it hits the server it will allow u to buy the products.
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It was my first upload so plzz help me do well and correct my mistakes
Hope u enjoyed watching
Thank u for watching

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