Classy Slim Mobile Phones


Design is a critical element of mobile phones and all the mobile companies provides different kind of designer phones to its users. And nowadays slim mobile phones are very much in. There has been a change in the market from heavier and bulky phones to ultra slim mobile phones Whether it is HTC Touch Diamond   Samsung i900 Omnia  or Motorola’s Razr V3 and L6, they have all one thing in common: they are slim and smart.
 People are moving from classy looking phones to slim phones of course the fact that ultra-slim phones come with almost all the features. In the beginning, when slim phones came into the market they were more about the looks but now Without losing any of the advanced features slim mobile phones are packed with features like MP3 player, games and camera, and they also look pretty well.
Slim phones are so much in demand that more than 900 million mobile phones that will be shipped worldwide this year, slim phone segment alone is expected to account for some 200 million. Samsung also has unveiled a new line of the World’s slimmest mobile phones with the launch of The Ultra Edition Series. Motorola has sold around 25 million RAZR V3 ultra slim phones, worldwide ever since it was introduced last year.Now you can comapre a lot of of slim mobile phones from nokia, motorola and you can get cheapest triff with slim mobile phones.

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