Chromecast Ultra Unboxing, Setup and Demo with Google Home


The Chromecast Ultra is the first Chromecast device capable of playing 4K HDR media on your TV. It’s also the most expensive Chromecast to ever be released, costing $69. In this video, we unbox the Chromecast Ultra, run through the setup process, and demo the unit with Google Home, Google’s voice-activated speaker.

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  1. does it require that you have Wi-Fi to setup, or can you cast directly from your phone to chromecast, much like how miracast works, turn on and cast, no Wi-Fi needed.

  2. why would anyone buy this? (for this price).
    maybe first time chromecast buyers that doesnt have a smartTV?
    but pretty much any newer 4K TV with HDR already has those features and apps, built in, neat, "not another cable" etc.
    the chromecast ultra is after all targeting the 4K HDR TVs…

  3. No remote? 70 bucks? Have to use your phone for that? Only upside is viewing 4k? I dont own a Google home crap like most people so no thanks I'll stick to my amazing roku stick that has a remote and an awesome UI and was 50 bucks and is nice and slim.

  4. Thanks for the video!
    Quick tip on Home– you don't have to pause after "Hey Google" hot word. Tough habit to break but it's worth it.

  5. Please remind me on the purpose of the chromecast? Can't u just wifi direct your stuff to the TV or use a cable? i'm really not sure. Also don't TVs connect to the internet and let you watch youtube, netflix etc?

  6. Do you have to use the key word "on TV" for each and every video you tell it to play or does it stay connected to the last device it was streaming to unless you tell it otherwise?

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