CES 2017 DELL Alienware 13/15/17


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  1. Never mind new processors… Have they sorted out the huge issues with crappy thermal pasting as well as light bleed on the screens? I have just returned my 3rd 15" R3… This company must have the worst quality control ever!!! Hopefully the people who spend 100's / 1000's on these things will get a product that is 'fit for purpose' because the current ones are definitely not! Would be nice for Dell to take ownership of these issues and let people know what the score is with the problems.

  2. Have you fixed the MASSIV thermal issues ont he CPU? 90 degree temp? the bad lines in the TN pannel! i feel this was rushed! you guys are above this!

    once you fix it all and get a nice 4k screen on the 17! no TN shit i will buys!

  3. how about all those over heating issues. new paste is still not that good, much much better aftermarket, get your act together….and a three screw design to keep heat sink down to board, even a third grader knows it will have uneven pressure. have you got it from 99c to 85c underload…yes. have iunlock it got it to 70c underload, yep. another dell fail bahahahahaha

  4. "180w you can use a 1080 graphic card..!" LOL you should fix your cooling and BIOS so it can take more power like the MSI GT73VR!

  5. A few people mentioned the MSI GT62VR 6RE to me who had also had problems with Alienware and they loved it. I liked the Alienware because of the increased battery life but the quality control was absolutely appalling

  6. I almost was gona buy 13 with OLED but I don't know I had a second thought since my PS4 does a good job and all the games I want to play on PC are on my PS4 except for some none AAA games like Recore. Right now I really want to play Mass Effect at high settings and that's a weak reason to buy this laptop for since my PS4 would probably would run it ok as it showed with other 3rd party games. I'd wait until my PS4 dies.

  7. The 15 R2 is like 1100 online with 16gb ram, 240gb ssd/1tb, i7 6700hq, gtx 970m, 1920×1080 display; I got this model in November 2015, it can play any game with ultra/high settings and has pretty much no cons except for the weight and 220 nit display

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