Reviewing M-Edge's New Hip Bag For the Apple iPad!

Well now that you have your palms on your popular new iPad how great to transport it with you than by placing it in this wonderful and attractive smart travel bag being delivered by M-Edge? It is an exceptional way to shield it while also showcasing your sense of fashion.

M-Edge is considered for its numerous unique superior quality totes and covers. Now that the iPad has been released there is new real estate to overcome and it does this effectively! This tote sees as if it could have come from one of some periodical.

With its open face style one fear that many iPad holders have is whether or not it will be indolently gouged. One glance inside this travel bag will help remedy that anxiousness. The creamy colored microfiber lining is very delicate. It will help to less the odds of an incidental gouge or ding. The tote also has a leather backbone to help imp a bit of strength for that extra degree of defense.

Now, when you go out and buy the bag initially you will find that it is extremely light. Do not worry though; just because it is particularly lightweight does not necessarily mean that it features any less defense for your iPad.

M-Edge started out to construct a way to lug and defend your iPad and other important stuff while not allowing you to feel carrying too much.

The outer side of this M-Edge shoulder bag is associated with light canvas and is available at this time in five distinct tints. ScotchGuard has been used to prep the outside to ensure that it will be efficiently secured from both water and dust. Even the zippers are top quality and will keep your iPad quite safe and sound inside the travel bag.

Each of these characteristics helps to make this travel bag one that your iPad can not do without. I give this shoulder bag my approval!

Cheap iPhone – How to Get an Apple iPhone at Below Market Price!

So you want to buy a cheap Apple iPhone?

The huge price tag of above $400 dollars is very prohibitive to most people who are interested in obtaining a Cheap iphone. The good news is these same persons are not aware that there are different places from which they can buy cheap iPhones, and most likely at considerably less than half the retail price.

So what are your options for a cheapest Apple iPhone?

One place where you can get these phones is by shopping internet retail stores. Internet retailers are competing for your click business and they will more likely than not, sell their products at much cheaper prices. Do not be fooled by the cheap price of these phones, they are the real thing. These online stores can afford to keep their cheap prices much lower than regular offline retail stores because they do not have the over head cost, which your regular offline retail store would have, so that cost is not included in the price of the phone.

Some of these vendors have been doing business for many years, and this is sure sign that the Mobile products they offer are the real deal and not some knock off product. Some of these vendors carry some very high end, high priced products in their inventory and they have been doing so for many years.

Online companies who sell cheap iPhones and other mobile products, tend to promote a social community like setting. They want to build a rapport with you the buyer, they want to keep you on their mailing list in order to provide you with latest news, or offer you other accessories for your phone. They also serve as a place to meet other phone users and share your experiences. This is why have slashed their prices so low, they will have you as a customer for life in the digital world.

It does not matter where you actually go to buy your phone, if you are getting it for less than the suggested retail price, it is advisable to spend more time ensuring that it is brand new and make sure that you get a warranty in order to protect your purchase in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Just remember the cheapest iPhones are not the 3G Models

PSA: If you have an older iPhone with slow performance, a new battery could solve your problems

One longstanding complaint from iPhone users is how their device slows down over time, specifically as the device ages and Apple releases new software updates. A Reddit thread has emerged this weekend with some interesting theories as to why this may happen…

Spigen TEKA RA200 Airpods Earhooks Cover

Last year, a growing number of iPhone 6s users reported that their device was suffering from random shutdowns. Apple subsequently launched a repair program for affected users, offering free battery replacements. At the time, the company said that a “very small number” of iPhone 6s users were affected by this problem.

A few months later, however, Apple said that more users were affected than it initially thought, and said a fix was coming in the form of a software update. The company eventually released iOS 10.2.1 and touted that shutdowns were reduced by 80 percent on iPhone 6s devices and by 70 percent on iPhone 6 devices.

At the time, it was speculated that the update made adjustments to the power management system in iOS. The Reddit thread this weekend, however, offers a slew of anecdotal evidence as to how this change ended up affecting device performance.

Wow, just installed GeekBench myself and tried with my 6 Plus. According to their website, my phone should score 1471/2476, but it actually scored 839/1377 … Which would explain why I, like you, have been feeling like my phone has gotten noticeably slower lately.

The gist of the thread, which has since acquired over 400 comments from users, is that replacing their iPhone battery caused a major uptick in performance, both real-world and in benchmark testing.

Many people might remember that iPhone 6S battery fiasco, which for many, was fixed with iOS 10.2.1, and that seemed to be the end of it. Apparently, the way it did this is by dynamically changing the maximum clock speed relative to the voltage that the battery is outputting, so that your phone can’t draw too much power and shut down.

Some in the thread speculate that Apple was inundated with battery replacement requests because of the random shutdown issue, and instead of coming clean about it, throttled devices with a software update to “solve” the problem:

Someone had a theory here that Apple did this because they were aware that there were a lot of faulty batteries that needs replacing, but instead of coming clean, they released iOS 10.2.1 which throttles our devices instead.

Users report that replacing their device’s battery caused performance to be improved significantly:

I did the same with my 6 Plus and the performance is day and night, can’t stop recommending it if you are happy with your phone and don’t want to replace it yet.

If you feel that you’re affected by this problem, you can use an app like CpuDasherX to see your device’s clock speed. Users report that the clock speed shown here is less than what it should be, adding merit to suggestions that Apple throttles devices affected by the shutdown issue.

While Apple says that Low Power Mode can reduce device speed in an effort to save battery life, this appears to be completely different and affects users without that featured enabled.

Furthermore, it’s important to note here that many of these issues aren’t necessarily ‘defects.’ Apple says iPhone batteries are designed to last some 2 years worth of charge cycles, thus meaning that many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices are now outside of that window and not in their performance “prime” anymore.

This isn’t necessarily a new revelation. Apple has similar practices with the MacBook, where performance is essentially correlated to battery wear and usage. The more wear and tear on your battery, the more macOS works to optimize performance and battery life. More on that right here.

As for why the iPhone 7 and newer aren’t affected by this issue, Apple’s A10 and A11 chips include a different power structure where certain cores handle high-intensity tasks and others low-power. This setup is used to help offset performance and battery life concerns.

Ultimately, if you’re an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s user suffering from increasingly slow device performance, a new battery could help solve your problem. We’re reaching out to Apple for further explanation as to what’s going on here.

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Macbooks – 5 Ways to Make Your Macbook Faster

We all wish our beloved Apple Macbooks could run as fast as they did when they were fresh out the box forever. Sadly, that’s not the case. The more you use a computer and begin to fill it with your data and clutter, they begin to get bogged down and performance takes a serious downturn.

Do not fear! There are plenty of ways you can turn this around and vastly improve the performance of your aging Macbook. Here are our top 5 tips for making your Macbook faster!

1. Clear the Clutter

Over time, you begin to accumulate hundreds, if not thousands of old files, applications, photos, videos and music. This data quickly begins to fill up the hard drive on your Macbook, greatly affecting its performance. Ask yourself – do you really need everything that’s currently sitting on your hard drive? Those old photos from that party years ago that everyone’s forgotten about by now? That 2 hour long video of your nephews fifth grade school play? That application you downloaded the free trial for and then never used? Increasing the available space on your Macbooks hard drive is one of the best ways to dramatically increase it’s performance.

2. Delete Unused Language Files

Many of the applications on your Macbook will include multiple language variants for users across the world. You’ll likely only need the variant of your native speaking language, yet those unused language files are still taking up valuable space on your Macbook. There are several methods you can get rid of these files, the easiest of which being with a free application called Monolingual. This simple app does one thing and one thing only – deletes the language files you don’t need. You can manually select the languages you wish to keep, and the app will get rid of the rest. Simple!

3. Clean Up Start-Up and Background Running Apps

When you install an application on your Macbook, how often do you take time to read everything in the instillation dialogue window before you click ‘Install’? I’m guessing never. You’d be surprised at what some applications are asking you to agree to when you click on that ‘Install’ button. Many of them ask you to agree to let them launch every time you turn your Macbook on, and just sit quietly and run in the background. This may not seem like a big deal, but they are using up valuable system resources when you don’t want them to. Hogging precious CPU and RAM capacity which could otherwise be used towards the task you’re working on. To clear out these unwanted startup applications, head over to your System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. There you will be able to select the apps you actually want to launch on startup, and get rid of the apps you don’t.

4. Repair Disk Permissions

This is commonly debated, but repairing disk permissions can supposedly help your Macbook run more efficiently. Open Disk Utility from your Applications folder and click on “Repair Disk Permissions”.

5. Shut Down More Often

Your Macbook, like you and me, needs to rest sometimes in order to perform at it’s best. Your Mac also has a few tools that it uses automatically to help maintain itself. Some of these tools only run during shutdown and startup so get into the habit of turning your computer all the way off every now and then to allow these tools to do their work. It’s also a great way of extending the life of the internal battery in your Macbook.

Still not getting enough of a performance boost? It may simply mean that your Macbook needs a RAM upgrade. Please note however that not all Macbook variants allow users to upgrade the internal RAM themselves. A quick Google of the specific model of your Macbook followed by the words “RAM upgrade” will give you an answer right away. Typically these RAM upgrades are fairly inexpensive, and can keep your Macbook running smoothly for years to come.

Computers perform at their best when they are clean and have room to breath. Consider this next time you use your Macbook.

Your Voice Is My Command – The Apple 4s Story

Do you use an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning? Well, you do not have to use the traditional alarm clock anymore. The new generation Apple 4s phone has advanced voice recognition technology, and when you ask the phone "I have to catch a flight at 6 AM, wake me up at 4 AM". It will prompt you at 4 AM with a voice message "Wake up it is 4 AM, you have to catch a flight at 6 AM".

This new generation phone is a virtual assistant. It can find restaurants when you ask 'Are there any restaurants around here? It quickly searches for the information and answers "I have found a number of restaurants" and when you add "Hmm how about noodles and chicken?" It short lists restaurants and displays Chinese restaurants around the area. If you have lost your way in the wilderness, it guides you to find your way back.

The Apple 4s uses multiple web resources that include Yelp and Wolfram Alpha to find answers. It uses web resources and maps to find your current location. The different applications of the Apple 4s phone can write or send email messages or texts based on dictations from users. Asking the phone "Search for gifts on the internet" it promptly does and displays the search engine results in quick time, supported by a 14.4 Mbps high-speed downlink packet access technology incorporated by the makers of the phone.

The dictation features of the phone synchronize with many third-party applications. It enables users to update Facebook status, tweet, write and share pictures on shared platforms. However, voice recognition only supports three languages ​​English, German and French. The 8-megapixel point and shoot camera displays high-resolution stunning images, enabling users to print large size 8 "X 10" pictures.

The HD video quality in the phone makes movie watching experience very delightful. If you want to enable a video call with a person in the contact list, tapping Face Time button initiates a video conference, purely by saying 'Face Time with so and so'. The on-screen display options of the video are in portrait and landscape views. An added advantage the phone offers is its customized application that is compatible with other Apple third generation phones, enabling users to send unlimited text messages, pictures and videos.

The Apple 4s has an advanced technology chip that is faster, and the superior wireless system of the phone receives and transmits data between two antennas at very high-speed. The battery provides 8 hours of talk time on third-generation and 14 hours on second-generation phones. It enables users to watch videos non-stop for 10 hours. Since it works on both GSM and CDMA network platforms, the Apple 4s is a truly international phone with user-friendly features.

You can order Apple 4s iPhones online at very competitive prices, with delivery options to over 500 destinations in India.