Trump’s NASA Nominee Wants To Study Climate Change on Mars

Earlier this month, President Trump nominated Jim Bridenstine—a Republican representative in Oklahoma—as NASA’s new leader. Bridenstine actively supports controversial ideas as an avid supporter of private space companies and he denies that human activity impacts climate change. Bridenstine is also interested in studying Mars’ weather. He said, “Mars once had a magnetic field, rivers, lakes and an ocean on its north pole,” .

Win $100,00 from NASA for aerosol sensor competition

It’s pretty hard to breath in some areas on Earth, and it’s even harder to breath in space. That’s why NASA is holding the Earth and Space Air Prize competition to find the perfect aerosol sensor. So, if you’re up for the challenge you or a team can design and develop specialized sensor technology for environments where people are exposed to airborne particles. The three lucky finalists will win $50,000 each and the winner will take home $100,000.