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Space industry alludes to monetary exercises identified with assembling parts that go into Earth’s circle or past, conveying them to those areas, and related services.Owing to the unmistakable quality of the satellite-related exercises, a few sources utilize the term satellite industry conversely with the term space industry.The term space business has likewise been utilized. A tight definition envelops just equipment suppliers (essentially identified with dispatch vehicles and satellites).

Jim Bridenstine Becomes NASA Administrator After Close Vote

Jim Bridenstine has been confirmed by the US Senate as the new NASA administrator. Bridenstine’s appointment was granted on a close vote of 50-49. At first Marco Rubio was opposed… Read more »

NASA launches TESS satellite to search for alien worlds

The $337m planet-hunting space telescope launched on Wednesday from Cape Canaveral in Florida, is the agency’s most ambitious quest yet to scour planets’ atmospheres for any life.