Motorola Solutions is using police tech to make UK forces safer and better

There’s a lot of talk about smart cities and the ways connected devices are going to improve how society functions.

In the UK, the emergency services are taking full advantage of the benefits developments in tech are bringing, thanks to the likes of Motorola Solutions.

Last week, Motorola Solutions launched its new London Innovation Centre, based in Victoria. As part of the launch, it showcased how trends such as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the forefront of the work it is doing alongside the UK’s police forces to make them safer and better.

“AR is the one we’re pushing for right now,” Eduardo Conrado, MS’s chief strategy and innovation officer, told Verdict.

The company has been developing AR technologies in fire settings. “In the US if there’s a multi-alarm fire happening, you have a lot of units on the scene. And the commander is sitting with a whiteboard, where he’s tracking firefighters and units,” explained Conrado.

“What we envision is: you overlay the AR digital components with a map of the building [onto the fire scenario] and you can track everybody that’s coming into the scene, and their oxygen levels.”

Conrado also thinks this technology could be used in other emergency situations, such as a utility worker responding to an emergency in a piping environment, feeding the information back to a command centre of engineers who can provide extra guidance.

“Virtual reality (VR) is cool but it’s so immersive, you can’t be out and about with a headset on. But with AR, you can actually see this working in a commercial setting. It’s going to explode,” he said.

Here are the other ways Motorola Solutions is using technology to change policing in the UK.

1. Pronto Forensics mobile app

The Pronto Forensics mobile app has been developed by MS to increase the efficiency of police forces in the UK. The West Yorkshire Police’s Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) unit uses Pronto to make it faster and easier to record evidence.

Usually, the system of collecting, labelling and processing evidence at police stations is time-consuming and has many stages that are prone to human error. Now, investigators can use Pronto to create and print labels from their smartphone whilst on the scene, with key information accessible on the platform.

This removes the need to return to the station in between jobs and improves the sharing of information and resources to speed up the justice process.

“Now evidence is making its way into the criminal justice system in minutes, not hours,” said West Yorkshire Police’s chief inspector for digital policing, Ian Williams.

2. Internet of Things technologies

Motorola is a big fan of internet of things technologies (IoT) and is using developments in this area to arm the UK’s police officers.

As part of its “connected police officer” vision, the devices a police officer carries are boosted with sensors that connect to their smartphone and the Pronto app. This assists the police officer in an incident.

For instance, if an officer had to use their taser when they pull it out of its holder, a sensor would cause the connected bodycam on their shoulder to take a picture of the scenario.

Say the picture contains an image of the person the officer is going to taser. This image will end up on the live log feed in the Pronto app on the officer’s phone.  Motorola says this is creating “automatic contextual nugs”.

This image is then transmitted back to the control room at the station. Staff on duty can analyse the image and try to identify the person involved, see if they have been in an incident before.

As well, this also sends an alert to a dispatcher that the officer may need potential support in the area. This saves the officer having to put out a call for backup.

Motorola said this tech is inspired by mobile apps such as If This Then That (IFTTT).

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

One thing the Motorola Solutions team were really excited about was the use of AI and machine learning techniques to predict crime.

A few years ago, MS established two teams of data scientists, one in the US and one in Israel, to work on public safety applications. By developing these intelligent innovations, the data can be analysed for trends and behaviours to identify and spot high priority threats.

“We’re creating data all the time, and these are assets that public services can use for safety,” said Conrado. “In the US, we have 240m crime records and by working with the algorithms, we could predict crime by location time.”

It’s not just prediction that AI can be used by emergency services. Identification is another key area.

In terms of identification, most 999 calls come from a smartphone. Images and videos can be sent to operators to show what’s going on. Conrado explained how police officers can use AI when images get sent in.

“The idea is that the AI does the sifting. What they’re looking for is: is there a gun in the image? Is there a person on the ground? Can you detect an explosion happening? Or, if you now you’re looking for a person in a hood or with a backpack, can the AI pick that up?”

Whilst AI does have its benefits; it’s fast, it can deal with huge sums of data, and it can make sense of those huge amounts of data, but it’s not without its issues. Recently the technology has been criticised for having biases, particularly relating to gender and race.

On this topic, however, Conrado said:

“We want to use [AI] to go through vast amounts of data to get to the important components as soon as possible and then given them to a human to make that decision.”

It may sound slightly “Big Brother”-esque that the police are using technologies like AI in this way. However, Wiliams explained that it’s about public safety.

“The government and the media have a duty to get that message out,” he said.

Shentong Robotic Schooling Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) Shares Go -1.16% – Harmony Register



Shentong Robot Education Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) Shares Move -1.16%


Shentong Robotic Schooling Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) has finished the week in the crimson, yielding negative results for the shares at they ticked -1.16%. In using a seem at current general performance, we can see that shares have moved 2.41% in excess of the previous 4-months, -13.27% in excess of the previous 50 % calendar year and -11.46% in excess of the previous total calendar year.

Buyers are generally hunting to get any attainable advantage in the inventory marketplace. Being aware of the various danger and return prospects for various types of shares can be vital to constructive general performance. Generating a balanced fairness portfolio may be the essential initially stage when wondering about diving into the fairness marketplaces. Buyers may come from all distinct types of backgrounds, and they may encounter entirely distinct situations. Every single investor may will need to establish their targets and check out to figure out what’s greatest for their precise problem. Buyers may want to choose a conservative solution to the marketplaces. Other people will be hunting to go in total throttle with a extremely aggressive strategy. No matter what the preference, it is important to be aware that picking shares based on previous returns will never ensure long term returns. Buyers have numerous choices they can make when hunting to acquire shares. Figuring out ranges of danger, expectations of returns, and the general financial investment time horizon can all perform a big element in crafting the first strategy.

At the moment, Shentong Robotic Schooling Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of 60.52. The CCI specialized indicator can be employed to support figure out if a inventory is overbought or oversold. CCI may also be utilised to assist in the discovery of divergences that could probably sign reversal moves. A CCI nearer to +100 may deliver an overbought sign, and a CCI near -100 may present an oversold sign.

Monitoring other specialized indicators, the 14-day RSI is presently standing at 57.00, the 7-day sits at 60.86, and the 3-day is resting at 66.51 for Shentong Robotic Schooling Group Co Ltd (8206.HK). The Relative Power Index (RSI) is a hugely well-known specialized indicator. The RSI is computed foundation on the velocity and route of a stock’s price tag movement. The RSI is thought of to be an inner toughness indicator, not to be perplexed with relative toughness which is in comparison to other shares and indices. The RSI benefit will generally go between and 100. A person of the most well-known time frames employing RSI is the 14-day.

Shifting averages have the ability to be utilised as a potent indicator for specialized inventory evaluation. Subsequent multiple time frames employing transferring averages can support traders figure out the place the inventory has been and support identify the place it may be probably going. The very simple transferring regular is a mathematical calculation that can take the regular price tag (mean) for a given quantity of time. At the moment, the 7-day transferring regular is sitting at .42.

Let us choose a more seem at the Regular Directional Index or ADX. The ADX measures the toughness or weakness of a specific pattern. Buyers and traders may be hunting to figure out if a inventory is trending in advance of using a precise trading strategy. The ADX is commonly utilised alongside with the As well as Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) which issue to the route of the pattern. The 14-day ADX for Shentong Robotic Schooling Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) is at present at 21.12. In normal, and ADX benefit from -25 would represent an absent or weak pattern. A benefit of 25-50 would guidance a sturdy pattern. A benefit of 50-75 would signify a extremely sturdy pattern, and a benefit of 75-100 would issue to an extremely sturdy pattern.

Carnegie Mellon Prof Named Mastering XPrize Finalist for RoboTutor Tool — Campus Know-how

Synthetic Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon Prof Named Mastering XPrize Finalist for RoboTutor Tool

A team led by Carnegie Mellon College (CMU) Professor Jack Mostow has won $1 million as a World wide Mastering XPrize finalist for its RoboTutor software.

“The World wide Mastering XPRIZE issues teams from around the globe to create open resource and scalable software that will help kids in acquiring international locations to instruct themselves simple studying, crafting and arithmetic within 15 months,” according to facts on the contest’s site.

Mostow, whose analysis focuses on synthetic intelligence in training technological know-how with an emphasis on studying, is one of 5 finalists selected to get the money and have their applications independently examined more than 15 months in nearly 200 Tanzanian villages to make your mind up which team will be awarded the $10 million grand prize.

“The RoboTutor software is based on scientific mastering concepts in order to interact learners so that they find out the product and can then use it in other contexts,” according to a CMU news release. “It is powered by highly developed technologies, which include speech and handwriting recognition, facial investigation and device mastering. It collects facts from its interactions with kids equally to help cognitive tutors to adapt to particular person learners and to help revolutionary facts mining applications to constantly examine and refine its layout and performance.”

The software is based on preceding analysis by Mostow, a professor in the Robotics Institute of the university’s College of Laptop or computer Science, which include his Undertaking Listen software, which showcased an automated studying tutor that listened to learners browse aloud and corrected them when they created mistakes.

With hundreds of functions, RoboTutor focuses on studying and crafting, styles, comprehension and figures and math, and characteristics a layout system that is supposed to aid it integrate with a regional society.

“It really is hard to place into words to clarify the gratifying emotion recognizing that your career’s work, which has assisted thousands of kids so far, could now probably improve the lives of hundreds of thousands — even billions — of kids,” Mostow explained in a prepared statement. “XPrize and the RoboTutor team have specified me the prospect of a life span.”

The team involves a lot more than 100 CMU learners and school members, as very well as other experts and learners from around the globe, and the software characteristics technological know-how owned by the university and certified by the RoboTutor team.

“Universal entry to training is a significant priority for XPRIZE, and we are very pleased to rejoice the improve-making teams making impressive strides to make certain just about every solitary child has the prospect to consider mastering into her personal hands,” explained Marcus Shingles, CEO of the XPrize Foundation, in a prepared statement. “The primary remedies born from this competitors could provide the key to unlocking literacy for kids most in want, entry an training they normally would not have.”

For a lot more facts about the World wide Mastering XPrize, or to find out about the other finalists, stop by

About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Know-how, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be arrived at at

Elon Musk, L’Education, Son Additionally Beau Projet ?

Elon Musk | ©Getty Visuals

On estime à 250 hundreds of thousands le nombre d’enfants dans le monde qui ne savent ni lire, ni écrire, et ne possèdent pas les compétences de foundation en mathématiques. Selon l’UNESCO, il faudrait 1,6 million d’enseignants de in addition dans le monde, un chiffre qui devrait doubler d’ici 2030.

Elon Musk est célèbre pour son rôle dans des constructions comme Tesla et House X. Il est aussi le co-président de l’entreprise de recherche en intelligence artificielle, OpenAI, et le PDG de l’entreprise de neurotechnologie Neuralink, entre autres sociétés dans lesquelles il est impliqué. Additionally récemment, il a fait un don de 15 hundreds of thousands de dollars à la Fondation International Studying X PRIZE. L’objectif de cette organisation à but non lucratif est de trouver des moyens de fournir un enseignement aux 250 hundreds of thousands d’enfants qui n’ont pas accès à l’école primaire ou secondaire, afin de leur permettre d’apprendre à lire, à écrire et à compter, tout cela en l’espace de 15 mois.

Hier, la Fondation XPRIZE a annoncé quels étaient les cinq finalistes du International Studying XPRIZE et a décerné à chacun d’eux un prix d’un million de dollars. L’organisation a récompensé chaque finaliste pour le logiciel open resource de technologie de pointe qu’il a développé dans le cadre de la compétition. C’est en Tanzanie, au mois de novembre, que les équipes des cinq finalistes commenceront à tester sur le terrain leurs remedies technologiques d’enseignement.

“L’accès universel à l’éducation est une priorité majeure pour XPRIZE, et nous sommes fiers de féliciter les équipes qui provoquent le changement en faisant beaucoup, de manière à offrir à chaque enfant l’opportunité d’être acteur de son apprentissage,” exprime Marcus Shingles, PDG de la Fondation XPRIZE. “Les remedies innovantes nées de cette compétition pourraient être les clés de l’alphabétisation des enfants les in addition défavorisés, leur donnant accès à une éducation qui leur aurait autrement été refusée.”

Un comité indépendant composé de onze juges a choisi cinq équipes finalistes provenant de 198 entreprises qui ont participé au concours. Ci-dessous le détail de ces entreprises.

– CCI, à New York : CCI développe des programmes instructifs structurés et séquentiels, en in addition d’une plateforme dont le but est de permettre aux personnes autres que des codeurs de produire du contenu d’apprentissage motivant dans n’importe quelle langue ou région du monde.

– Chimple, à Bangalore, Inde : Chimple satisfied en location une plateforme d’apprentissage qui a pour visée l’apprentissage de la lecture par les enfants, de même que l’écriture et les mathématiques, au moyen d’une tablette et de in addition de 60 jeux d’exploration et 70 histoires.

– Kitkit School, à Berkeley, Etats-Unis : Kitkit School travaille sur un programme d’apprentissage doté d’une composition de sort jeu dont le but est d’aider les enfants à apprendre en autonomie, sans considération de leurs compétences initiales et de leur environnement.

– Onebillion, Royaume-Uni/Malawi/Tanzanie : Onebillion fait la jonction entre contenu de calcul et matériel d’alphabétisation afin de mettre à disposition un apprentissage dirigé et des activités créatives en même temps qu’un accompagnement continu pour répondre aux besoins de l’enfant.

– RoboTutor, Pittsburgh, Etats-Unis : RoboTutor satisfied à revenue les recherches menées par l’Université Carnegie Mellon en lecture, mathématiques, reconnaissance vocale, synthèse, equipment finding out, psychologie cognitive et conversation humain-ordinateur.

“Nos cinq finalistes développent les logiciels les in addition prometteurs pour que les enfants puissent apprendre d’eux-mêmes les bases de lecture, d’écriture et d’arithmétique, comme l’indique notre groupe de juges specialists,” be aware Matt Keller, directeur de International Studying XPRIZE. “Alors que nous avançons vers la dernière phase de assessments, nous sommes in addition près de la concrétisation des remedies technologiques qui rendent possibles l’apprentissage pour l’enfant et une éducation à l’échelle mondiale.”

Pour tester les projets des cinq finalistes sur le terrain, le International Studying XPRIZE a construit un partenariat avec diverses constructions : l’UNESCO, le Programme Alimentaire Mondial et le gouvernement de Tanzanie. Près de 4 000 enfants dans 150 villages de la région Tanga de Tanzanie se serviront de 8 000 tablettes Pixel C données par Google pour le examination des propositions de logiciels pendant près de 15 mois.

Lorsque cette phase de assessments touchera à sa fin, l’équipe dont la solution technologique permet les meilleurs avancées dans l’apprentissage de la lecture, de l’écriture et des mathématiques se verra décerner le grand prix de 10 hundreds of thousands de dollars, en avril 2019. Chacun des cinq finalistes sera sollicité rendre le code resource de son programme informatique ouvert les programmes seront gratuits et disponibles à l’utilisation de tous. En s’assurant que le code de chacun des produits des finalistes soit ouvert, XPRIZE vise une exploitation de ces programmes dans le monde entier, à la croisée des secteurs de la technologie et de l’apprentissage.

Elon Musk’s Upcoming Frontier? Education

These times, there is no scarcity of billionaire education and learning evangelists aiming to make improvements to the way little ones understand. From Invoice and Melinda Gates to Eli and Edythe Wide, moneyed activists have been feverishly investing in educational institutions, scholarships, and political strategies in the hopes of finding the antidote to the education and learning system’s ills. Now the sector has one more participant: Elon Musk.

The Tesla and SpaceX founder’s newest go is to support the X Prize Foundation, which describes itself as a “catalyst for the benefit of humanity.” As a benefactor of the World Learning X Prize, Musk – alongside with folks like Tony Robbins and Betsy DeVos – is supporting the group obtain answers to the mastering challenges little ones in developing nations deal with.

Via the World Learning X Prize competition, groups from all around the world test to acquire open-source answers that will aid the approximated 250 million young children throughout the world who are not able to browse, compose, or finish basic math capabilities. Marcus Shingles, CEO of the X Prize Foundation, claimed he thinks competing groups may well be able to give mastering options for the the world’s neediest little ones.

“Universal accessibility to education and learning is a key precedence for X Prize, and we are happy to celebrate the adjust-creating groups creating remarkable strides to be certain each and every single little one has the option to choose mastering into her personal palms,” Shingles claimed. “The main answers born from this competitors could give the important to unlocking literacy for little ones most in want, giving them accessibility to an education and learning they normally would not have.”

X Prize declared five groups of finalists for the $15 million prize – Chimple, CCI, Kitkit Faculty, RoboTutor, and Onebillion – each individual hoping to display how their firm satisfies the instructional wants of the world’s most vulnerable little ones.

Over the subsequent 15 months, each individual corporation will examination out its instructional answers with around 4,000 little ones in Tanzania who’ll use Google’s Pixel C tablets to test out each group’s software program. To pull this off and assess the children’s progress, X Prize is partnering with UNESCO, the Earth Meals Programme, and the governing administration of Tanzania. At the conclusion of the 15 months, just one crew will be awarded $10 million while each individual of the five finalists will get $1 million.

Matt Keller, senior director of the World Learning X Prize, thinks the competitors will choose aid us go closer to making certain all little ones will have accessibility to education and learning.

“As we go to the remaining discipline screening stage, we are just one stage closer to scaling transformative technological innovation answers that foster little one-pushed mastering and give a entire world-course education and learning for all,” he claimed. 

Best and share graphic by means of X Prize/YouTube. 

Shentong Robotic Training Team Co Ltd (8206.HK) Triple EMA Gaining Momentum – The Business enterprise Union



Shentong Robot Education Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) Triple EMA Gaining Momentum


Shentong Robotic Training Team Co Ltd (8206.HK) has watched the Triple Exponential Going Regular (TEMA) of it is share cost trend bigger more than the past 5 session.  This is a prospective sign that toughness is developing for the upward trend.  TEMA is a special mix of a single exponential transferring regular, a double exponential transferring regular, and a triple exponential transferring regular that presents much less lag than any of people a few separately. It can be used rather of traditional transferring averages for smoothing cost facts or other indicators.  TEMA can also be used as a momentum indicator.  Consistent negative worth implies momentum is lowering when a favourable trend suggests growing momentum.

Traders are preserving a near eye on some added levels of Shentong Robotic Training Team Co Ltd (8206.HK). The Regular Directional Index or ADX is a technological assessment indicator used to explain if a sector is trending or not trending. The ADX alone measures trend toughness but not path. Applying the ADX with the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) may possibly help identify the path of the trend as very well as the all round momentum. Numerous traders will use the ADX along with other indicators in buy to help spot proper buying and selling entry/exit factors. Following a recent verify, the 14-day ADX is 19.86. Generally speaking, an ADX worth from -25 would point out an absent or weak trend. A worth of 25-50 would point out a solid trend. A worth of 50-75 would sign a extremely solid trend, and a worth of 75-100 would point out an very solid trend.

Shentong Robotic Training Team Co Ltd (8206.HK) presently has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of 19.86. Commonly, the CCI oscillates over and down below a zero line. Normal oscillations are inclined to continue to be in the assortment of -100 to +100. A CCI looking through of +100 may possibly depict overbought problems, when readings in close proximity to -100 may possibly point out oversold territory. Though the CCI indicator was formulated for commodities, it has turn into a popular tool for equity analysis as very well. The Relative Power Index (RSI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and improve of inventory cost movements. The RSI was formulated by J. Welles Wilder, and it oscillates in between and 100. Generally, the RSI is considered to be oversold when it falls down below 30 and overbought when it heads over 70. RSI can be used to detect normal tendencies as very well as discovering divergences and failure swings. The 14-day RSI is now at 49.03, the 7-day stands at 42.53, and the 3-day is sitting at 16.89.

Using a peek at some Going Averages, the 200-day is at .46, and the 50-day is .41. Committed investors may possibly be on the lookout to utilize yet another tool for performing technological inventory assessment. The Williams % Array or Williams %R is a technological indicator that was made to measure overbought and oversold sector problems. The Williams %R indicator can help display the relative condition of the current cost near to the interval becoming noticed. Shentong Robotic Training Team Co Ltd (8206.HK)’s Williams % Array or 14 day Williams %R presently is at -46.67. In normal, if the looking through goes over -20, the inventory may possibly be considered to be overbought. Alternately, if the indicator goes under -80, this may possibly display the inventory as becoming oversold.

Chimple Wins $1 Mn Funding As A Finalist Of Worldwide Mastering XPRIZE

Bengaluru-primarily based edtech startup Chimple has won $1 Mn funding from Global Mastering XPRIZE. The foundation is hunting to generate scalable methods to enable young children to train on their own basic looking through, writing and arithmetic inside of 15 months.

Chimple is developing a studying system to enable young children to find out looking through, writing and mathematics on a tablet. It does so by way of more than 60 explorative online games and 70 various stories.

The Chimple crew includes a team of professionals in match improvement, data science and animation. The crew has created an participating way to impart literacy. Chimple is setting up a variety of platforms for instructors, artists, storytellers, researchers to lead and collaborate on studying methods to acquire a group-sourced literacy remedy.

“Universal accessibility to training is a key precedence for XPRIZE, and we are happy to rejoice the modify-generating groups generating impressive strides to ensure each solitary little one has the option to choose studying into her personal hands,” stated Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation. “The primary methods born from this levels of competition could supply the key to unlocking literacy for young children most in require, supplying them accessibility to an training they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

This time about the foundation has announced 5 finalists advancing in the $15 Mn Worldwide Mastering XPRIZE. They have been awarded $1 Mn milestone prize every for the open up resource, chopping-edge studying application they created for the levels of competition.

Aside from the Bengaluru-primarily based Chimple the other four startups that have been preferred from a field of 198 groups by an independent judging panel of 11 professionals, include –

  • CCI – US-primarily based CCI is developing structured and sequential tutorial programs, in addition to a system trying to get to enable non-coders to acquire participating studying written content in any language or subject matter place.
  • Kitkit School – US-primarily based Kitkit School is developing a studying programme with a match-primarily based core and adaptable studying architecture. The studying programme is aimed at encouraging young children independently find out, irrespective of their expertise, talent, and surroundings.
  • onebillion United kingdom-primarily based onebillion is merging numeracy written content with new literacy materials to offer you directed studying and inventive activities alongside steady monitoring to respond to various children’s requires. It has been functioning on transforming the training of marginalised young children for the previous 14 a long time, in nations like India, Uganda, Malawi, and many others.
  • RoboTutor US-primarily based RoboTutor is leveraging Carnegie Mellon’s study in looking through and math tutors, speech recognition and synthesis, machine studying, academic data mining, cognitive psychology, and human-laptop or computer conversation.

“Our 5 finalists are developing the most promising application methods to enable young children to train on their own basic looking through, writing and arithmetic, as determined by our panel of expert judges,” stated Matt Keller, senior director of the Worldwide Mastering XPRIZE. He more included, “As we shift to the closing field screening section, we are a single action nearer to scaling transformative technologies methods that foster little one-driven studying and supply a planet-course training for all.”

Submit this stage the 5 finalist groups will start field screening their training technologies methods this November in Tanzania.

XPRIZE has partnered with the United Nations’ Academic, Scientific and Cultural Firm (UNESCO), the Earth Foods Programme (WFP) and the Authorities of Tanzania for the examination section of finalists.

At the close of the field screening section, the crew whose remedy emerges profitable in giving proficiency in looking through, writing and arithmetic will obtain the closing prize of $10 Mn. Each of the 5 finalists will be required to open up resource the two their code and their written content which will be no cost and readily available for any one to develop on. The winner will be announced in April 2019.

XPRIZE – The Innovation Motor

XPRIZE is a facilitator of exponential modify and a catalyst for the profit of humanity. It is a nonprofit organisation hunting to design and put into action impressive levels of competition types to clear up the world’s grandest issues. XPRIZE utilises a mix of gamification, group-sourcing, incentive prize theory, and exponential systems to generate an influence on the issues dealing with the planet.

Lively competitions beneath XPRIZE umbrella include the $30 Mn Google Lunar XPRIZE, the $20 Mn NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the $15 Mn Worldwide Mastering XPRIZE, the $7 Mn Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, the $7 Mn Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE, the $5 Mn IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, the $1.75 Mn H2o Abundance and the $1 Mn Anu and Naveen Jain Women’s Security XPRIZE. In March 2015 a different Indian startup TeamIndus managed to bag $1 Mn and a location in the finalists of the $30 Mn Google Lunar XPRIZE. It is a levels of competition to problem and encourage engineers and entrepreneurs to acquire reduced-charge approaches of robotic house exploration.

UNESCO estimates that the planet will require 1.6 Mn more instructors globally, a number set to double by 2030. Currently, about 250 Mn young children in the planet do not possess the potential to study and generate. By means of Worldwide Mastering XPRIZE the foundation in cooperation with the UNESCO is hunting to supply methods for the academic hole. By taking up a location as a finalist in the Worldwide Mastering XPRIZE, Bengaluru primarily based edtech startup Chimple has at the time all over again showcased the impressive thoughts in the Indian startup ecosystem on a worldwide system.

Observe: We at Inc42 choose our ethics quite seriously. Much more information and facts about it can be located below.

Shentong Robot Instruction Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) Relative Index Examining Trending Larger


Analyst Daily


September 22, 2017

Drilling into the technicals for Shentong Robot Instruction Group Co Ltd (8206.HK), we have noticed that the Relative Momentum Indicator, or RMI, has been trending bigger over the past 7 days.  Traders will be actively monitoring existing degrees as the shares perhaps shut in on overbought territory.

Very similar to RSI, the RMI indicator moves in the assortment of to 100 and the same as with RSI, the relative Momentum Index’s values above 70 and below 30 are considered as an indication of overbought and oversold problems.  Since RMI readings above 50 are considered as bullish and RMI readings below 50 are considered as bearish, some traders might decide on to make indicators on the crossovers of the RMI and 50 heart line: sell when RMI decrease below 50 and invest in when RMI advancements above 50.

Having a further seem into some further specialized indicators, right after a recent scan we be aware that Shentong Robot Instruction Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) currently has a 14-working day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of 16.62. Devoted investors might decide on to use this specialized indicator as a inventory evaluation instrument. Used as a coincident indicator, the CCI examining above +100 would mirror potent value motion which might signal an uptrend. On the flip facet, a examining below -100 might signal a downtrend reflecting weak value motion. Utilizing the CCI as a primary indicator, specialized analysts might use a +100 examining as an overbought signal and a -100 examining as an oversold indicator, suggesting a craze reversal.

We can also do some additional specialized analysis on the inventory. At the time of writing, the 14-working day ADX for Shentong Robot Instruction Group Co Ltd (8206.HK) is 20.39. A lot of specialized chart analysts believe that an ADX value over 25 would advise a potent craze. A examining beneath 20 would show no craze, and a examining from 20-25 would advise that there is no clear craze signal. The ADX is ordinarily plotted together with two other directional movement indicator lines, the In addition Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI). Some analysts believe that the ADX is a person of the finest craze strength indicators available.

Interested investors might be looking at the Williams % Variety or Williams %R. Williams %R is a preferred specialized indicator established by Larry Williams to assist detect overbought and oversold scenarios. Traders will commonly use Williams %R in conjunction with other craze indicators to assist spot feasible inventory turning points. Shentong Robot Instruction Group Co Ltd (8206.HK)’s Williams % Variety or 14 working day Williams %R currently sits at -40.00. In typical, if the indicator goes above -20, the inventory might be considered overbought. Alternately, if the indicator goes below -80, this might position to the inventory getting oversold.

Tracking other specialized indicators, the 14-working day RSI is presently standing at 51.86, the 7-working day sits at 49.61, and the 3-working day is resting at 39.36 for Shentong Robot Instruction Group Co Ltd (8206.HK). The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is an normally employed momentum oscillator that is utilized to evaluate the speed and modify of inventory value actions. When charted, the RSI can serve as a visual implies to monitor historic and existing strength or weakness in a particular market. This measurement is centered on closing selling prices over a certain period of time of time. As a momentum oscillator, the RSI operates in a established assortment. This assortment falls on a scale amongst and 100. If the RSI is closer to 100, this might show a period of time of stronger momentum. On the flip facet, an RSI in the vicinity of might signal weaker momentum. The RSI was at first established by J. Welles Wilder which was launched in his 1978 book “New Concepts in Complex Trading Systems”.

For additional critique, we can take a seem at a further preferred specialized indicator. In conditions of relocating averages, the 200-working day is currently at .46, the 50-working day is .41, and the 7-working day is resting at .42. Relocating averages are a preferred investing instrument amid investors. Relocating averages can be utilized to assist filter out the working day to working day sounds established by other elements. MA’s might be utilized to detect uptrends or downtrends, and they can be a prominent indicator for detecting a change in momentum for a unique inventory. A lot of traders will use relocating averages for various durations of time in conjunction with other indicators to assist gauge long run inventory value motion.

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Илон Маск выделил $15 млн на революцию в образовании – Свежие новости сегодня. Последние новости интернет издания “Clean-News”

Илон Маск выделил $15 млн на революцию в образовании
Свежие новости сегодня. Последние новости интернет издания “Clean-News”
CCI занимается разработкой последовательных обучающих программ с подробными инструкциями, Kitkit College предлагает игровой подход к обучению, а RoboTutor применяет научный подход и делает ставку на машинное обучение, сбор …

and more »

RoboTutor crew wins $1 million as International Finding out XPRIZE finalist

RoboTutor LLC, a Carnegie Mellon spinoff established by Professor Jack Mostow, was named just one of 5 International Finding out XPRIZE finalists for its RoboTutor program, academic technology that teaches kids primary math and looking through skills.

The XPRIZE opposition is making an attempt to deal with the acute lack of lecturers in developing countries by funding an worldwide opposition to generate open-supply Android tablet applications that allow kids ages 7-10. The objective is to allow youthful kids to discover primary looking through, creating and math skills without necessitating grownup guidance.

Each finalist crew receives $1 million. XPRIZE will now perform an independent 15-month, large-scale research to area-examination the finalists’ Swahili applications, pre- and post-tests 1000’s of kids in virtually 200 Tanzanian villages on literacy and numeracy. A $10 million grand prize will be awarded to the crew whose application achieves the best understanding gains.

The academic applications ended up established in the two English and Swahili and have the opportunity to enable an approximated 250 million kids all around the globe who are not able to go through, publish or do basic arithmetic.

“I have claimed it prior to, but it bears repeating — Jack Mostow’s do the job is the ideal case in point of CMU’s proof-primarily based tactic to carefully integrating technology and utilizing facts to constantly refine and enhance instruction, leading to better student understanding whilst supporting new discoveries in the understanding sciences,” claimed Richard Scheines, dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and leader of the Simon Initiative. “This is extremely interesting for Jack and all of Carnegie Mellon, and I would not be stunned at all if they finished up winning the full opposition.”

Mostow is a professor emeritus in the University of Computer system Science’s Robotics Institute whose analysis focuses on making use of synthetic intelligence to academic technology, especially for training kids to go through.

The RoboTutor program is primarily based on scientific understanding ideas in order to engage college students so that they discover the content and can then use it in other contexts. It is run by state-of-the-art systems, together with speech and handwriting recognition, facial analysis and machine understanding. It collects facts from its interactions with kids the two to allow cognitive tutors to adapt to unique college students and to allow modern facts mining equipment to constantly assess and refine its style and operation.

RoboTutor LLC licensed specific CMU technology and is utilizing it in the team’s opposition entry.

The RoboTutor technology leverages quite a few assets, together with its precursor, Mostow’s Venture Listen. In that project, an automatic Reading Tutor helped kids discover to go through by listening as they go through aloud. The tutor would suitable their faults, give enable with hard words and assess their development.

“It is really hard to set into words to reveal the gratifying sensation recognizing that your career’s do the job, which has helped 1000’s of kids so much, could now perhaps alter the life of thousands and thousands–even billions–of kids. XPRIZE and the RoboTutor crew have supplied me the possibility of a lifetime,” Mostow claimed.

The RoboTutor program includes hundreds of pursuits that deal with four information spots–looking through and creating, quantities and math, comprehension and shapes.

An additional distinguishing attribute is a facts-pushed style process that allows it combine with local cultures.

“Universal accessibility to training is a important priority for XPRIZE, and we are happy to celebrate the alter-earning groups earning impressive strides to assure each one baby has the possibility to acquire understanding into her very own palms,” claimed Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE Basis. “The leading solutions born from this opposition could give the key to unlocking literacy for kids most in want, accessibility an training they usually wouldn’t have.”


The RoboTutor crew is composed of about 100 CMU college students and school as very well as other authorities and college students from all around the globe, together with CMU’s Amy Ogan, assistant processor in the Human-Computer system Interaction Institute (HCII) and Judith Uchidiuno, a Ph.D. student in HCII Leonora Kivuva, an teacher in the University of Pittsburgh’s African Studies Program and 16 12 months-aged Vishnu Rajan Tejus, who was the initial to be part of the crew and is now having classes at Carnegie Mellon.

To develop into a finalist and acquire a $1 million prize, Mostow and the RoboTutor crew defeat out virtually 200 groups from 40 distinctive countries. The other finalists are CCI (U.S.), Chimple (India), Enuma’s Kitkit (U.S.) and onebillion (United Kingdom).

Watch a video of Mostow conveying RoboTutor and the upcoming methods in the XPRIZE opposition.

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