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It’s predicted that new Nintendo DSi consoles will be one of the best selling hamdhelds in 2009. The DS is currently the best selling console on the market, even outselling all three 7th generation home consoles. In Japan the white and black DSi combined sold over 170,000 units in the first 48 hours of the product going on sale. It is estimated that sales could have been even higher but the system had sold out in many stores before the launch – a trend that seem to happen alot with Nintendo products. After the just one month the combined sales of the black and white DSi reached over half a million. It still has a long way to go to meet the 24.2 million units of DS sold in Japan but it has certainly brought life back into the sales of the system.

As with previous consoles in the series, the latest edition will at first be available in two colours, a white and a black version of the Nintendo DSi. In the USA there is a Black and light Blue Versions. You should expect more colours to be released in the futures, as was the case with the original DS and the DS Lite. The most popular colour for the DS Lite was the pink version so when there is a pink DSi expect it to sell well.

Nintendo DSi Consoles were officially revealed in October, just one month before its Japanese release. In the UK and USA the release date has been penned in for 3rd April, Pre-order Nintedo DSi sales are already being taken and most online stores have placed a limit on the number of console that can be ordered per household. The Nintendo DSi third version of the console to be released after the original DS and the DS Lite. The latest version features main new features which I’ll briefly run down now then go into a little more detail. The main feature is the two cameras but there are other exciting additions to the system. There is now a web browsers built in (so you don’t need to download Opera for it). You can use it as a portable music player (not mp3 though, only ACC files – like iTunes). The Nintendo DSi uses SD cards for storing photos, music and other files. Finally larger and brighter screens are included while the thickest of the console has been reduced by 12%.

The first upgrade of the original DS handheld games console was mostly a cosmetic design one. This made the Nintendo console seem less like a child’s toy and more of a gaming machine that people of all ages would be comfortable with. It included a few functional feature upgrades too such as the increased screen brightness but mostly focused on appearance. Nintendo DSi consoles on the other hand required less of a visual improvement, although it has a few nice new touches but mostly focuses on new ways you can use the system – including 2 cameras compare to the one on the Nintendo DS Lite.

Major Stable Steam client update, Xbox controller config support, vastly improved Linux client

This is the big one. Steam have released a major update of the Steam client which not only adds in some big new features, it also drastically improves the Linux client.

Linux-specific updates:
* Improved interactions between the Steam runtime and host distribution libraries, which should let Steam work out of the box with open-source graphics drivers on modern distributions. If using an older distribution or running into problems, use STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES=0 to revert to previous behavior.

This next one is particularly fun, as I specifically wrote about it being an issue for nearly 4 years. Shortly after that article Valve sought to fix it.
* Unify close-to-tray behavior with other platforms. If using a distribution that doesn’t have proper compatible tray support, use STEAM_FRAME_FORCE_CLOSE=0

* Added idle detection, friend status will now automatically switch to Away/Snooze
* Fixed Steam not obeying SIGTERM, Steam will now gracefully exit when logging out of a session
* Fixed keyboard input and cursor switching in overlay for Vulkan applications
* Update Vulkan loader in the Steam runtime to enable Xlib support
* Updated libxcb in the runtime with a fix for DRI3-related crashes on open-source graphics drivers

Other fun stuff
Steam now supports Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Generic X-Input controller configurator support. So you can custom-map them like you do with the Steam Controller. They also added support for the Emio PS4 “Elite” controller.

It seems Steam will attempt to give you a recommend configuration based on the type of controller you have plugged in too, which is ideal.

Game install folders can be moved to other Steam Library folders under Properties / Local Files. I mentioned this before from the Beta, as it’s really useful for people like me who split their library across an SSD or a bigger cheaper HDD depending on what game it is. Some games really are better on an SSD.

An interesting one is this:
* Added support for using the overlay keyboard for games that have launchers.
Hopefully this means on SteamOS that games with launchers might be a bit more usable now, as it would make the SteamOS experience more pleasant too.

It’s fantastic to see that Valve has done a pretty decent pass at making the Linux client better. More like this in 2017 please Valve.

See the full update notes here.

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