Pokemon Go Players Discover a Tricky New Throw Technique

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A tricky type of throw technique has Pokemon Go players around the world fascinated, even if it doesn’t actually make catching a Pokemon any easier.

It’s been a slow few weeks for Pokemon Go. While we’re in the middle of a new event and EX Raids are popping up around the country, players are in a bit of a lull as they wait for new features and new Pokemon to catch.

Luckily, Pokemon Go players have recently discovered a new type of trick throw that causes the Pokeball to bounce off a Pokemon twice before catching it. The trick throw doesn’t actually impact anything in the game, but it’s still a new discovery and players around the world are now trying to replicate it.

Episode 540: Reset the Metroid Clock – Radio Free Nintendo

The game just came out and already the grousing about the next 2D Metroid is underway.

Last week’s unprofessionalism came with consequences. Jon Lindemann has been removed from Radio Free Nintendo. To give ourselves a chance to recenter, we decided to focus on an unusually long New Business segment. Greg takes lead-off with the first properly-authorized appearance of Samus in a year, with Metroid: Samus Returns. We’ll call his impressions fairly deep; as of recording he’d already cleared the game twice. For the momentous release of a 2D Metroid we give him all the space he needs – leading to a meaty 45 minutes of impressions. James has been trying to clear out his backlog, and finally got around to the trans-media property that is Final Fantasy XV. Watching the movie tie-in/trash fire Kingsglaive should have warned him what lay ahead. This may be the only game where the writers literally lost the plot. Guillaume was inspired by the announcement of Hamster’s impending ports of Nintendo’s arcade games to take a look at ACA NeoGeo Aero Fighters 2. A dolphin, a baby, and a robot walk into a bar and then liberate/destroy all the world’s cities. Guillaume closes out the show with a look at Super Bomberman R. He still finds the game a bit rough, despite a raft of post-launch patches, but concedes that matchmaking aside they fixed online.

Jon will be un-fired, and return next week, and so will Listener Mail. You can send your questions, comments, concerns, and Metroid 2D petitions to our inbox.

This episode was edited by James Jones. The “Men of Leisure” theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Perry’s SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode’s ending music is Title Theme from SteamWorld Dig. It was requested by Ben. All rights reserved by Image & Form International AB

Pamaj Gives His Opinion on the New Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gesture Mode | Esports News & Videos

Just when you considered Phone of Duty Infinite Warfare was carried out, developer Infinity Ward released a manufacturer new gamemode, compared with just about anything we have ever noticed before.

Launched in November 2016, the house-themed shooter wasn’t exactly 1 of the most predicted Phone of Duty titles following the launch trailer achieved an astonishing 3 million dislikes, building it the second most hated video on the platform of all time. Thankfully Justin Bieber’s audio video for Newborn is leaps ahead, with 8 million dislikes.

The competitive local community had no selection but to engage in the recreation, with Activision’s $4 million CoD Entire world League ensuring gamers did not hang all-around actively playing wagers on older titles.

Even though the esports local community can depend the year as a good results due to the improved tournament structure in comparison to Black Ops III, when OpTic gained the CWL Championships in September, you’d have struggled to find a solitary professional player or streamer on the recreation.

That all changed on Friday September 21st when Infinity Ward released a new manner named Gesture Warfare, a enjoyable new gamemode that relies on in-recreation taunts as weapons. For case in point the lighter gesture sets your opponent on fire, or the pinching gesture squashes whoever is in its route.

One particular of the largest YouTuber’s to engage in the recreation was OpTic Gaming’s Austin ‘Pamaj’ Pamajawon. The Canadian is recognised for his hugely edited and insane sniper video clips on titles these as Black Ops II, but mainly steered crystal clear of IW throughout the year.

Enjoying Gesture Warfare, he gave his ideas on it following a few of games.

“This is hella enjoyable, I could possibly sound like a broken file saying this is enjoyable, actually I’m actively playing IW and it is quite exceptional that I do find this really really enjoyable. I could sit listed here and engage in with people today but I’m actively playing solo suitable now, and it is sort of tough. As a player, above the past three or 4 several years, I engage in solo a ton of the time, so actually I get bored sort of quick.

You get bored when you are actively playing by itself, but like, I’m actively playing this solo and I could engage in this. I’m acquiring enjoyable, it is insane. I wager it would be a ton of enjoyable with the grind squad much too.

They have to start out building this things in personal matches. The reality that we cannot engage in MWR and just go on Promod [Pro Hunt*] and engage in that, that is ridicolous. We should really be in a position to do that. That actually just provides far more to your recreation. How could you not? I’m seeking to become a fridge, I’m seeking to become a trash can.”

The Gesture Warfare recreation manner will formally be taken out from the IW playlist on Monday September 25th, on the other hand following these a positive response, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it reintroduced ahead of Phone of Duty WWII’s launch on November 3rd.

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Destiny 2 still awkwardly demands that you become a “gamer”

Screenshot: Destiny 2/Activision

Welcome to the second installment of our Game In Progress review for Destiny 2. Over the next several weeks, internet culture editor Clayton Purdom will be shooting his way through Bungie’s massive sequel and sharing his impressions. As always, we invite you to play and comment along as he makes his way toward the inergalactic terror known as Ghaul and, more importantly, stacks of fat loot.

I have a confession to make that, depending on where you stand, may invalidate everything I’ve ever written about Destiny: I’ve never completed a raid. The sprawling, six-player levels are universally held as the most daring, triumphant game design in the series, odysseys of expressive architecture filled with secrets, puzzles, risks, and awe-inspiring spectacle. Bungie has long held that getting six people together to tackle them creates a shared sense of investment that’s necessary to stop people from quitting halfway through, or trolling, or tearing-ass off on their own, which truly makes sense if you’ve ever played a video game online. The stereotype of gamer toxicity has never been arguable; just look at the ease with which Pewdiepie shouted the N-word on camera recently. The history of online games has been one of rolling back social interactions. In early Halo games, for example, you could hear every word that every other player said. Over time, this turned to selective voice chat, then opt-in voice, then carefully created emotes.



PlayStation 4, Xbox One; Windows coming 10/24

Today, you generally play video games online not with people but with mute avatars pantomiming various pre-approved memes and dances. And this is only, really, in competitive play, where players’ natural antagonism toward each other forces them to at least play the game correctly, in general. Cooperative modes, like the strikes in Destiny, are still rife with trolling, show-offs, and mid-match quitters; Bungie’s solution is to simply replace those players and to nudge people along checkpoints, as well as to make the game more of a funhouse ride than an obstacle course, with the exception of the bosses. Still, none of these smoothing tactics would work for the dense, day-long raids, which require a full team (no less than six!) with voice chat, teamwork, and carefully coordinated character builds. And so rather than attempt to fix the problem, Bungie said: You figure it out. Find five people you trust, or don’t play it.

I never did, despite always soaring up to the appropriate light level to do so. The result was a sort of existential despair. I soloed a chunk of one once, and it was both arduous and deeply depressing, like cooking a family-size meal and then throwing most of it away. Despite probably a dozen good friends who play Destiny regularly, some of whom even own headsets and play alongside me occasionally, the notion of getting six people to put aside a long evening or full weekend day has proven impossible over the years. Board games require something similar, but at least have the shared destination and feel of an event; this would just be six people with headsets on, occupying their TVs for a night or longer, regularly. Devoted parties could go outside Destiny’s platform, finding groups on Reddit or the various “looking for group” services, but these still suffer from many of the problems of normal matchmaking and an inherent contradiction for an investment this huge: There’s a real intimacy to something like this. It’s less like sharing a ride somewhere with strangers than it is going on a camping trip with them.

Screenshot: Destiny 2/Activision

Given the general interactions I’ve had online over the years, I never leapt at the opportunity. They’d probably make fun of my helmet or something, or hate me for throwing a grenade at the wrong time. For all its masterful refinements, Destiny 2 still hits this brick wall when it demands you assemble a fireteam for these end-game activities. The sinuous arc from the campaign (which is a lovely tutorial) up into the colorful, engaging mid-game level-grind comprises a couple dozen hours of dazzlingly conceived sci-fi shooting. The ugly assertiveness of the first game has been replaced entirely by a gradually growing investment in the world, a fond familiarity that develops with its water-logged ruins and sprawling, strobe-lit auditoriums. But all roads eventually lead toward this high-level social play (clans, Trials Of The Nine, Nightfalls, the raids), and it’s an awkward jump in investment. Anecdotally, at least, I can say that it doesn’t work. Clans are easy enough to find your way into, but many of my friends still haven’t. If you lurk on Reddit, you can grab one, but the interactions therein will be base grabs for loot rather than the meaningful friendships Destiny intends you to make in-game.

The truth is that, while much has been made of Destiny’s fusion of the first-person shooter with the MMO, as an MMO, it’s woefully lacking in meaningful social interaction. Without building this in, the leap they expect you to make comes incongruously. There’s no economy to participate in, no plots to launch against other groups. You can’t help a friend out in a pinch or ruin an enemy’s day. Instead, the competitive play leads to extremely difficult competitive play; the cooperative play leads to extremely difficult cooperative play. Its social hubs contain no actual social activity, but rather dozens of sometimes-translucent avatars sprinting about their various errands. Tucked into one of the hallways is a little robot quietly sweeping I’ve become pretty fond of, and I’ve had more fun hanging out with him than any of the Guardians running about. The game is less a social platform than it is a beautifully designed argument in favor of being antisocial. (And the less said about its impossible-to-use companion app, the better.)

Screenshot: Destiny 2/Activision

Destiny 2 ultimately demands that you either be the type of person who has a regularly scheduled gaming clan or that you somehow turn into one. Console shooters are generally the dominion of the more casual video game player, and as such, the game does nothing less than invite those casual fans in, sit them down with some snacks, and pleasantly begin a PowerPoint presentation on why they should be playing video games much, much more than they currently are. It’s a sumptuously good-looking and -sounding game, and its reward system scales up as masterfully as could be imagined—up until the moment when the road gives way and Bungie just crosses its fingers and hopes that you have enough momentum to land safely in hardcore gamer-dom on the other side. The gulf between those two experiences is yawning, and it’s worth imagining what they’d look like if they were made to resemble each other more. As someone who has slogged through countless JRPGs, I’d be happy to continue grinding solo in increasingly bizarre locales for a few more dozen hours. On the other hand, if they truly want this to be a clan-based MMO, it lacks the meaningful, messy interactions that lead to a real in-game culture. You can’t demand the sociality of clans and six-man raids without including the tools for griefing, trolling, and game-breaking. What passes as Destiny’s culture is so homogenized and streamlined it’s like calling a shopping mall a sculpture.

My resolution isn’t to look toward what Destiny isn’t, or what it might eventually be, but what it is. For now, I’m setting my sights on landing on the other side of this thing, seeing its mechanical arc through to its decidedly social conclusion. Destiny 2’s attempt at a smoother transition, called “guided games,” is currently in beta, and it’ll allow unaffiliated players to pair up with clans and more experienced groups so they can tackle these endgame activities. It’s not the endgame I want, but it’s the one I have. Let’s see what this raid thing’s all about.

Purchasing Destiny 2 via Amazon helps support The A.V. Club.

Turtle Beach Launches The Stealth 700 For PlayStation®4 – The Final Entry In Its All-New Lineup Of Category Redefining Wireless Gaming Headsets

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — This morning, leading gaming headset and audio accessory brand Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HEAR) announced the global retail availability of the Stealth 700 wireless surround sound headset for PlayStation®4. The Stealth 700 for PS4™ is the company’s fourth and final model released in time for this fall’s big game launches as part of its all-new lineup of revolutionary wireless gaming headsets for the latest Xbox One and PS4 game consoles. The Stealth 700 for PS4, as well as the previously released Stealth 700 and 600 series headsets, are available today at www.turtlebeach.com and participating retailers around the world.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 for PlayStation 4 delivers a ton of features, including wireless game & chat audio, powerfully immersive DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound, active noise-cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity with app-based settings, plus Turtle Beach's innovative and comfort-driven ProSpecs glasses friendly design and exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting for a competitive advantage, and much more...all for a MSRP of $149.95.

Beyond high-quality, wireless game and chat audio, the Stealth 700 gaming headset for PS4 features everything from Active Noise-Cancellation and Bluetooth® connectivity with app-based settings to Turtle Beach’s unique ProSpecs™ glasses friendly and comfort-driven design. It also offers the company’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing™ sound setting that gives you a competitive advantage so you can win more. All this and much more for an unprecedented MSRP of $149.95.

Games and gaming technology are advancing fast, and the Stealth 700 is the latest wireless surround sound gaming headset for PS4, offering gamers a wealth of the latest premium features and comfort, including:

  • Immersive Surround Sound – The Stealth 700 for PS4 features DTS: Headphone:X® surround sound technology for amazing 7.1 channel surround sound.
  • Active Noise-Cancellation – The Stealth 700 offers gamers Active Noise-Cancellation to eliminate unwanted background distractions for complete gaming immersion.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with App-Based Settings – The Stealth 700 also features Bluetooth so you can quickly change audio settings on the fly when connected to the new Turtle Beach Audio Hub app, as well as stream music and take calls from your mobile or tablet device while gaming.
  • Wireless Game & Chat – On PS4, the included USB transmitter connects the headset to the console using the latest smart, channel-hopping technology.
  • Glasses Friendly Comfort – Turtle Beach’s innovative ProSpecs comfort-driven design removes pressure on your glasses while you play.
  • Powerful 50mm Speakers – Large, powerful 50mm over-ear speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows.
  • Flip-up Microphone – Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear, flips up out of the way to mute, and blends into the headset’s design when not in use.
  • Superhuman Hearing – From quiet footsteps sneaking-up from behind to enemy weapon reloads just before an ambush, Superhuman Hearing lets you hear it all. Hear Everything. Defeat Everyone.™
  • Independent Game & Chat Volume Control – Find the perfect balance between game audio and chat audio.
  • Dynamic Chat Boost™ – Activate to automatically increase incoming chat volume over game audio so you hear your teammates clearly.
  • Mic Monitoring – Hear the volume of your voice inside the headset so you never have to shout.
  • Audio Presets, Including Bass Boost – Customize the way your game sounds with four audio presets, including Bass Boost.
  • All-Day Battery Life – The Stealth 700 offers gamers up to 10 hours of gaming per charge, and can go longer depending on how much the Active Noise-Cancellation and Bluetooth features are used.

For more information on the Stealth 700 & Stealth 600 wireless gaming headsets for the Xbox One family of devices and PS4, as well as the latest Turtle Beach products and accessories, visit www.turtlebeach.com and be sure to follow Turtle Beach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Turtle Beach Corporation
Turtle Beach (www.turtlebeach.com) has been revolutionizing console multiplayer gaming since the very beginning with its wide selection of industry leading, award-winning gaming headsets. Whether you’re a professional eSports athlete, hardcore gamer, casual player or just starting out, Turtle Beach has the gaming headset to help you truly master your skills. Innovative and advanced technology, amazing audio quality, clear communication, lightweight and comfortable designs and ease-of-use are just a few features that have made Turtle Beach a fan-favorite brand for gamers the world over. Made for Xbox and PlayStation® consoles as well as for PC, Mac® and mobile/tablet devices, having a Turtle Beach gaming headset in your arsenal gives you the competitive advantage. The Company’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the symbol: HEAR.

Cautionary Note on Forward-Looking Statements
This press release includes forward-looking information and statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws. Except for historical information contained in this release, statements in this release may constitute forward-looking statements regarding assumptions, projections, expectations, targets, intentions or beliefs about future events. Statements containing the words “may”, “could”, “would”, “should”, “believe”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “plan”, “estimate”, “target”, “project”, “intend” and similar expressions constitute forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statement. Forward-looking statements are based on management’s current belief, as well as assumptions made by, and information currently available to, management.

While the Company believes that its expectations are based upon reasonable assumptions, there can be no assurances that its goals and strategy will be realized. Numerous factors, including risks and uncertainties, may affect actual results and may cause results to differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements made by the Company or on its behalf. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to, risks related to the Company’s liquidity, the substantial uncertainties inherent in the acceptance of existing and future products, the difficulty of commercializing and protecting new technology, the impact of competitive products and pricing, general business and economic conditions, risks associated with the expansion of our business including the implementation of any businesses we acquire, our indebtedness, the outcome of our HyperSound strategic review process and other factors discussed in our public filings, including the risk factors included in  the Company’s most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K, the Company’s most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q, and the Company’s other periodic reports. Except as required by applicable law, including the securities laws of the United States and the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Company is under no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement after the date of this release whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K brings six cores to the mainstream on October 5

Coffee Lake desktop processors, the follow up to 2016’s Kaby Lake processors, launch on October 5, Intel announced today. Like the recent U-series Kaby Lake Refresh laptop processors, which also launched under the “8th generation” moniker, Coffee Lake is largely based on the same core 14nm architecture as Kaby Lake, which in turn was essentially just Skylake, but with more cores across the range.

The top-of-the-line 17-8700K features six cores and 12 threads, 12MB of L3 cache, and a boost clock up to 4.7GHz. The i5-8600K keeps the six physical cores, but ditches hyperthreading, while the i3-8100 and i3-8350K both feature four physical cores. The latter, which matches the core count of the older i5 7600K, could prove to quite the bargain for gamers on a budget, particularly as it’s unlocked for overclocking.

Previously, Intel processors with more than four cores fell under the high-end-desktop (HEDT) E-series and X-series ranges, which cost significantly more than mainstream processors. Unfortunately, while Coffee Lake is more affordable than an X299 chip—the questionable quad-core i5-7640X and i7-7740X excluded, prices are higher than Kaby Lake across the board.

The i7-8700K costs $359, up from the $305 launch price of the i7-7700K, while the i5-8600K costs $257, up from the $217 of the i5-7600K. Bear in mind that these are that these per chip in a 1000 unit order prices—expect retail to be higher still. Coffee Lake also requires the new Z370 chipset, which features improved power delivery in order to support processors with more cores. There’s also official support for DDR4-2666MHz memory.

Those that can make use of the extra cores should see a significant increase in performance in multuthreaded workloads. Intel claims Coffee Lake offers up to 25 percent more FPS in games, and 45 percent more performance during “mega-tasking” compared to the Core i7-7700K. Intel is keen to stress how good its processors are at gaming, attacking one of the criticisms levelled at AMD’s Ryzen processors.

Notably, Intel’s quoted boost clocks are for Turbo Boost 2.0, which means all six cores should hit 4.7GHz when using a motherboard’s built-in multicore enhancements. That’s a very high out-of-the-box clock speed for a six-core processor, one that should result in some interesting gaming benchmarks.

While the i7-8700K makes the X299-based i7-7800X somewhat redundant, the X370 platform does suffer from the same limitations as its predecessor X270. There’s only support for dual-channel memory, and there are only 16 PCIe lanes connected directly to the CPU. The platform as a whole supports up to 40, but those extra 24 share a single DMI 3.0 connection to the CPU, which can limit performance, particularly in systems with multiple M.2 NVMe storage drives.

Like Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake also features integrated GPUs across the board, which is handy for those need the processing power, but only have modest GPU requirements (current Ryzen CPUs all require a discrete GPU). Unfortunately, there are no significant improvements to speak of on the GPU side, with all CPUs featuring Intel UHD 630 graphics, which are largely unchanged from Intel 530 graphics.

While Coffee Lake is unlikely to offer a significant IPC improvement over Kaby Lake, that there are finally mainstream Intel processors with more than four cores is welcome. Ars will have a review soon, but for now read the Core i9-7960X review, which pits Intel’s 16-core chip against AMD’s 16-core Threadripper.

This post originated on Ars Technica UK

Talking Point: What Free October 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

What’s free with PlayStation Plus next month? That’s the question on everyone’s lips as we reach the tail end of September, with October 2017’s roster of PS+ goodies just days away from being revealed. After a really decent year for the subscription service, we share our speculation for the latest PS Plus update – and we want to hear your suggestions, too.

When will October 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games be announced?

Very soon. We’re expecting October 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games to be revealed on Wednesday, 27th September, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep your eye on the site for all of the news.

When will October 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games release?

The free PlayStation Plus games always release on the first Tuesday in every month, so in this instance you’re looking at Tuesday, 3rd October.

What are October 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games?

We don’t know yet, obviously – that’s why this article exists. We do know that PS+ has been having a really good period, though, with some very agreeable selections over the past six or so months. Given that Hallowe’en is right around the corner, we reckon some old-fashioned survival horror would hit the spot; The Evil Within would be a great shout with its sequel around the corner, but would Bethesda do that? New releases on 3rd October include the PS4 port of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, an underrated RPG from Capcom – but again, we wouldn’t expect the publisher to dish copies out this early. Your guess is as good as ours.

Which free October 2017 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

Well, what do you actually want in October 2017? Are you missing the emphasis on indie games since Sony has turned its attention to retail releases – or do you want this run of AAA titles to continue? Is there a particular genre or franchise you’d like to see make the lineup, perhaps?

What free games do you want in October 2017’s PlayStation Plus lineup? Try to respond reasonably in the comments section below.

Navy plans to equip nuclear submarines with Xbox controllers — Nation — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine



An XBox One game controller

The Navy plans to equip its Virginia-class submarines with Xbox 360 controllers, which will control the ship’s periscopes.

The joystick now used, along with its corresponding control panel developed by Lockheed Martin, cost about $38,000, according to engadget. An Xbox 360 controller, meanwhile, goes for about $30 and can be purchased just about anywhere that carries toys.

“That joystick is by no means cheap, and it is only designed to fit on a Virginia-class submarine,” Senior Chief Mark Eichenlaub, the John Warner’s assistant navigator, told the Virginian-Pilot. “I can go to any video game store and procure an Xbox controller anywhere in the world, so it makes a very easy replacement.”

It doesn’t hurt that many young sailors grew up using the controllers to play videos games such as “Halo.”

The Xbox controllers will first appear on the future USS Colorado and then will be retrofitted to all other Virginia-class submarines, Navy spokesperson William Couch told The Washington Post via email.

While the popular image of a periscope is a long, rotating tube with eye holes that sailors look into to see what’s going on above the water, the Virginia-class periscopes are much more complicated. They feature two masts equipped with digital cameras. These are controlled by a helicopter-style joystick from a control room on the submarine, where large monitors display the images captured by the cameras.

That joystick, though, wasn’t particularly comfortable to use.

“The Navy got together and they asked a bunch of [junior officers] and junior guys, ‘What can we do to make your life better?’” Lt. Kyle Leonard, the USS John Warner’s assistant weapons officer, told the Virginian-Pilot. “And one of the things that came out is the controls for the scope. It’s kind of clunky in your hand; it’s real heavy.”

It was also expensive. The Navy told the newspaper that the new system, which includes the video console controllers, went through two years of testing. Spokespeople for Lockheed Martin said the controllers were much more intuitive for the young sailors.

“The controller is a part of the Navy’s effort to leverage commercial off-the-shelf equipment to improve our warfighting capabilities while minimizing costs,” Couch told The Post.

It’s all part of a longer term goal aimed at integrating everyday technology into its ships.

“They want to bring in sailors with what they have at home on their personal laptop, their personal desktop, what they grew up with in a classroom,” Eichenlaub told the Virginian-Pilot.


Pokemon Go NEWS – FULL list of 2km Pokemon for your Super Incubator | Gaming | Entertainment

Pokemon Go fans are currently enjoying the Equinox event, which gives players the chance to hatch rare Pokemon from 2km eggs.

And with the event in full swing, fans have identified exactly which Pokemon can be hatched from 2km eggs and Super Incubators.

According to Reddit users, common Pokemon include Slugma, Pineco, Porygon, Remoraid, Chinchou and Slowpoke.

The uncommon category features Nidoran, Larvitar, Pichu, Oddish, Zubat, Magikarp and Mareep.

In terms of Rare Pokemon, fans can find Skarmory, Sudowudo, Togepi, Dratini and Miltank, while Ultra-Rare Pokemon include Tyrogue, Snorlax and Chansey.

Fans hoping to hatch the rarest Pokemon will want to invest in some Super Incubators, which hatch eggs 1.5 times faster than regular Incubators.

The event runs all the way until October 2, where it finishes at 9pm BST in the UK.

The big new Pokemon Go event is Niantic’s way of celebrating the autumn season, which means new adventures.

“With cool autumn nights quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and sunny spring days arriving in the Southern Hemisphere, we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate the coming equinox with an in-game event. New seasons mean new adventures!” reads a blog post.

The Pokemon Go Equinox event also gives players the chance to earn double stardust and triple XP.

Niantic explains: “From 1:00 P.M. PDT on September 22 to 1:00 P.M. PDT on October 2, 2017, you’ll have the opportunity to earn double Stardust for catching Pokemon and hatching Eggs as you walk around your neighbourhood discovering new sights. 

“While you’re out exploring, be sure to visit your local PokeStops and Gyms to collect special 2 km Eggs that have the opportunity to hatch Pokemon such as Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar, and more.”

The other major bonus is triple XP, although this is only available when discovering brand new Pokemon for the first time.

“Registering a new Pokémon to your Pokédex during this limited-time celebration will earn you triple the normal XP,” Niantic continues. 

“So that makes this a very good time to battle against the Legendary Pokémon originally from the Johto region. 

“Don’t forget that Raikou, Entei, or Suicune will each travel to a new part of the world on September 30, so make sure to battle the Legendary Pokémon currently in your area while you can!”

Fortnite Battle Royale COUNTDOWN – Release date, time for free download on PS4 Xbox One PC | Gaming | Entertainment

UPDATE TWO: The official Fortnite Twitter account have been responding to fans who are asking when the release time is for the Battle Royale update.

They simply said the update will be going live tomorrow but do not have an exact time.

Responding to one fan about whether Epic Games had a release time, they tweeted: “Not yet, but we’ll let everyone know as soon as we do :)”.

UPDATE ONE: Fortnite fans are gearing up for the free Battle Royale update heading to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

And Epic Games have given Express.co.uk an update about the release time.

The hit developer said they haven’t given out an exact time, but Express.co.uk will update this piece as soon as one is announced.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite is getting the big Battle Royale free-to-play update on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac soon, with the release date and time fast approaching for fans.

Epic Games recently announced that the tower defence-style game, which will become completely free next year, is getting a Battle Royale mode.

The new mode, which has drawn comparisons to the hit PC shooter Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), will be available as a free to download game even if you don’t already have Fortnite.

Like with PUBG, the Fortnite Battle Royale mode sets 100 players against one another on one huge map with no respawns.

There is just one objective – to be the last player standing.

Ahead of the Fortnite Battle Royale update going live, Express.co.uk have rounded up all you need to know about the release date, release time and what’s in it.


The Fortnite Battle Royale free-to-play update has a release date of Tuesday September 26.

It will be available to download for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

Epic Games have not given a specific release time for the Fortnite Battle Royale update.

Express.co.uk have contacted Epic Games to ask for a release time and will update this piece when we get a response.

In a Fortnite forum post, Epic Games explained why they decided to make the Battle Royale mode completely free.

In response to the question ‘Is Battle Royale really free’, Epic Games said: “Yes, starting on September 26. 

“We launched a public test and it worked better than we expected. 

“We want the game to reach as many players as possible, so we decided to release Battle Royale for free sooner than we anticipated.”

They added: “We still have a lot of features to add before the PvE campaign is complete. 

“We will launch the Save the World PvE campaign for free in 2018.”


The Fortnite Battle Royale free update is a new PvP mode which pits 100 players against one another on a giant map.

There will be destructible environments and players will also be able to harvest resources and build environments.

Gamers can play Fortnite Battle Royale solo or in squads.

Epic Games revealed that they are also planning on adding plenty more extra content after the Battle Royale release date on September 26.

They said they are looking into adding vehicles, and have already created prototypes for some ideas.

They’re also looking to add in more maps and are also working “to improve the feel of combat, controls, weapons and movement”. 


Fortnite will be completely free to download next year, but it has been available to purchase in early access since July.

The standard edition of Fortnite costs £34.99 while the limited edition version – the most expensive one – costs £119.99.

Epic Games outlined their refund policy in a forum post in response to the question: ‘I bought the game for the PvP Battle Royale mode on PC last week. Since it’s free now, can I have a refund?’

Epic Games said: “Yes. If you purchased Fortnite between Sept. 12 and Sept. 20 to get access to Battle Royale, and you would like a refund, contact us and we’ll give you one. Fortnite Battle Royale will still be available to you for free.”


Not for the time being.

Epic Games have said PvE and PvP are not connected and they “don’t know if Battle Royale will eventually connect to the Fortnite Campaign”.


Epic Games have said that soon after the Battle Royale release date supply drops as well as leaderboards / scoreboards and rankings will be released.

Cosmetic items will also be launched as well as tweaks to the combat feel.