Can PlayStation Vue Replace Cable? – IGN Conversation


IGN saw PlayStation Vue, Sony’s cable alternative, in action for the first time. Max and Alex break down why you may or may not want it.

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  1. Used it for 20 minutes and then unsubscribed. Sony is just trying to be a cable company on the side with it's own DVR. Really that's it! I'm happy with Kodie, Netflix and Showbox.

  2. Cool idea… if today was 5yrs ago. Otherwise seems like a ripoff imo with so many other cheaper options

  3. If there's some legends available to Brazil, it will be way better than cable TV we have here! but only if it add HBO on the package. Otherwise it's worthless.

  4. You don't need to buy the PS4 only for watching TV (remember, It's a gaming console, not a Smart TV), but if you have PS4 and want a TV without addon, go subscribe it

    *It's also available on Amazon Fire OS and iOS (and Google Cast)
    *you also don't need to buy XBOX ONE only for watching TV, it's not a Smart TV, only because it have a HDMI input doesn't mean it's a Smart TV

  5. There is a $30 plan (70+ channels I think) now but no ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX on any of their plans. They have ABC & CBS on demand but not live. Both networks already have shows available on their site the next day. You also have to have a playstation to activate it.

  6. Everybody watching this needs to check out the date posted because it's from March 18th, 2015. Prices, Packages, Support and Features have changed and will continue to change.

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