Buying a Cheap Macbook on eBay


Finding a cheap Macbook is easier than you think. Whenever Apple releases a new version of their popular laptop many consumers rush to buy the next big change in the Apple laptop line.

When this happens the market is flooded with a slew of practically brand new Macbooks that are in near perfect condition. Apple typically refreshes their notebook line every year. Sometimes the refreshes a include a total redesign such as with the release of the Aluminum Unibody Macbook. Other times it is just a minor speed bump like a CPU upgrade. Whatever the case, you can find some great deals on eBay.

Making your first purchase on eBay can be a little daunting but with a little homework and following the tips here you will find that a safe purchase is only a few clicks away.

Tips for buying a Macbook through eBay

  • Check the seller feedback: Does the seller have a good rating in their feedback? Look at the history and see if there are any complaints.
  • Contact the seller: There is an option on eBay to contact the seller. Ask a lot of questions such as “Is there any damage to the item” or “Is the Macbook used or new?”. Ask as many questions as you need to make yourself comfortable. A trusted seller will not have any problem answering
  • Be sure to triple check the description: Check the description thoroughly to be sure that you are getting what you want. Make a screen capture and save in case the item isn’t what it was described as being
  • Does the Macbook still have it’s warranty: If the warranty is still under one year then you can still buy an additional two years of coverage through Apple by purchasing “AppleCare”.
  • Check the shipping costs: Sometimes a great deal isn’t so great when a seller adds on outrageous shipping costs. See if the seller is willing to ship the laptop for free or split the shipping costs.
  • Payment protection: Never send cash! Make sure to use a credit card or better yet use Paypal as a means of payment. Paypal has a great buyer protection system. They hold the money in escrow until you receive the Mac Book and verify that it is as described. If there is a problem then getting credit back is a simple process through the Paypal resolution center.
  • Photos: Are you satisfied with the photos that are displayed? If not then ask the seller to email you some additional pictures. Remember a good seller will be willing to go out of the way to make you comfortable.
  • What is included: Does the Macbook come with the necessary power cords? What software is include (iLife, iWork etc…) Do you get the original restore discs?

Everyday people make big ticket purchases through eBay but if you are new to the online auction site then you may want to make a few smaller purchase that are less expensive until you make the decision to get that Macbook you have been dreaming about.

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