Buyer Beware: Xbox One Elite Controller Defects


Xbox one elite controller issues I’ve faced. Left thumbstick died, both thumbsticks are incredibly loose, controller no longer holds a charge/won’t stay on/connected and more.

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  1. To fix the controller thumbstick problem, open the controller up, lift off the thumbstick and put a piece of a cotton swab underneath and it will stay like brand new. I saw a Reddit post and tried it and it worked.

  2. This thumbstick issue happens to all kinds of Xbox One controllers, not just the Elite. This is actually the issue that killed my Scuf. The wiggling issue is usually fixed by opening the controller and shoving a piece of cotton in the stick module. However, the fact that you cannot move forward with the left thumbstick means the internal thumbstick assembly is fried. For this, you would have to de-solder the assembly and put in a new one. Again, I must stress that this exact same thing happened to my Scuf. It is not an issue with the Elite specifically, just the way Microsoft manufactures ALL their controllers.

  3. Great controller but, yeah same problem for me, my first one was so bad I felt compelled to purchase another because I really like it. The new one is already showing wear on the right stick, this is really bad design for a controller with this price tag so I definitely won`t be buying another. I`m gonna try the fix that GuardianOfExile mentioned, so thanks for that dude!!

  4. Mine is 6 months old and my left thumb stick is drifting. Contacting MS and they said they can't help me as it is out of warranty. So sad as it was my fav controller. I really wish I would of seen this video before I purchased. I have shared you on my twitter because I am blasting xbox and MS every day for this issue and warning other people not to get scammed.

  5. Hmm weird only problem that's happened to me is that my left joystick is really easy to pull off but that was it and they gave me a brand new one for it also you can send the whole shell without the joysticks and paddles and they will send you a new lme

  6. My elite has held up since it's release date and I've dropped it many times on the hard wood floor. It still works great. I think u just got a lemon bro. My elite held up way more than my scuff. If my elite broke today (which I don't see happening it's really well put together) I would rush out and buy a new one no doubt.

  7. had mine since Christmas last year can't fault it never had any serious issues until today when the grip decided to peel off.

  8. 1. Its way more quality than scuf, that is not debatable. Scuf uses proprietary parts made in china. 2. The elite can be bought at a big box store and a warranty purchased like BEST BUY, $20 gets you 2 year warranty. No questions asked. 3. Scuf has terrible customer service.

  9. It's just defective. I've had mine since late April. it's probably my favorite investment for 2016. Borderlines flawless really

  10. I've had my Elite controller since launch and the only issue I've had is the grips are beginning to come off. Other than that its a great controller. NO product in the world is 100% defect free, even the 22 million dollar jet fighters our country buys. If its man made, it can fail. Get over it already.

  11. I have three scufs for the 360 and they all have problems. I babied them too. thanks for the video. hope the second one lasts yah!

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