Smart Phone Bying Guide

Smart phone is an important communication media in our daily life. Before, this Mobile phone was used to receive and making call only. Now this phone has been using to do many works. Live TV watching, live Video program watching, picture and data sharing, Tracking and navigating, video calling, office working and many others.

Smart phone is an excellent invention of modern cellular technology. From a smart phone you can do latest many jobs which are not possible from a normal phone. Though there are many cell phone producers in the world but only few phone manufacturers are producing smart phone. Apple, RIM, Palm, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, LG are the major smart phones producers.

The price of smart phone is expensive still now. It is out of touch of low income people. If you buy it from cell phone carrier with one or two years contract basis then it is cheap otherwise without contract it is still expensive.

After sales mobile phone manufactures and carriers are making trap to snatch money from you. They could easily embed the important mobile apps in your phone but they never do that. Separately they are trying to sell mobile app to you. In this regard the top brand phone companies and phone carriers are going to open mobile app store to create permanent income source from your smart phone.

Though the price of smart phone is too high but many of them are still in preliminary stage and phone manufacturers are still deficient or unwilling to present all latest options in their phones. Probably it is their business technique to earn more money from customer gradually adding options technique.

You will see that most of  them has not included all latest options video calling, standard headphone jack, high resolution enriched Mega pixel camera, UMTS, HSDPA, 3G, QWERTY keyboard, wireless networking  like WiFi or WiMax, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. In that case you have to find out which one has maximum options.

So, if you want to buy a smart phone or 3G phone it is necessary to check the options or specification first. In this regard you should consider latest many options such as internal memory, GPS, Bluetooth, video calling, camera MP, HSDPA/UMTS, WiFi, QWERTY Keyboard, Internet browser, Micro SD, RAM, ROM syncing facilities etc.

You are going to buy a smart phone to enjoy various facilities from cellular phone by spending several hundred dollars. So it is wise decision to find a model which one is the best for you and which one has maximum phone options with powerful configuration. In this regard cell phone review and cell phone specifications can help you to know the smart phone more clearly.

Wireless phone reviews can help you to choose the best phone for you. There are many phones review sites but detail specifications based site are very few. Detail phone’s specifications can help you to choose your smart phone wisely and shortly. You can read the options from there with in a moment. To read more about smart phone from the author visit here

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