Building the Ultimate Xbox One


The Xbox One 7TB upgrade: is this the ultimate Xbox?
Building the Ultimate PS4:
Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD on Amazon:
Microsoft Xbox One Media Hub on Amazon:
2TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive on Amazon:
Nyko Data Bank on Amazon:
4TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive on Amazon:
Antec X-1 Cooler on Amazon:
Nyko Controller Charge Station on Amazon:
XIM 4 Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Adapter on Amazon:


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  1. OR you can buy physical games. And don't give bullshit 'store is too far away' EXPLAIN how you got the console in the first place. Thats what I thought.

  2. It would be nice if we got the price on those components to…And did he say that the Xbox one suports any hardisk as long as it is USB 2.0 or did he say 3.0 ,..????

  3. When you're crew decides to spend their money on a console, but you know damn well anything less than M&K isnt gonna cut it.

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