Broken Imac Logic Board, Bad Macintosh, Macbook Logic Board?


 If you have been recently handed an insane repair bill for a new apple logic board, there is other options out there worth exploring! In the past quotes in excess of $1000 dollars have been handed to apple computer lovers for a logic board replacement. This just happens to make it worth spending the extra few hundred to just buy a whole new macintosh computer!

  Well, if you are unwilling to part with your current broken computer, there is no blame here.The economy is a repair economy not a replacement economy like we just recently had. If you search around there are a few select shops that can actually provide a clean, fast and cost effective repair of the broken apple computer you need repaired.

 Apple logic boards were placed in laptops and desktops. When searching for a logic board repair or refurbished apple logic board repairs, make sure the company can provide repair of apple laptops and apple computers in general. Some shops will only repair desk tops because they feel it is to much effort to repair the apple laptop models like: ibook, macbook, macbook pro, powerbook, and so on.

 There are many reasons why an apple logic board will fail. You can overheat your logic board and cause the equipment to break. Spills are common issues and your chosen shop should be able to handle anything up to redoing the power jack or running new traces on your apple logic boards.

 The repair should cost no more than $250 and vary by the apple computer actually being repaired or worked on. The actual repair should be tested for a minimum of 48-72 hours before passing the quality control check. Most likely you will have to mail out your logic board level repair since the shops are VERY specialized and required hundreds of thousands in equipment to perform the apple computer repair properly.

 There you have it a great reason not to throw away that expensive macintosh computer when the apple store tells you it is cheaper to replace that apple computer than to repair it!

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