Black Friday 2016 Madness


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New video with me and Ethan going shopping on Black Friday 2016 looking for deals on Dvds and Blu-rays and more. We show all the crazy lines and crazy crowds in the stores as well.

Sub to Ethan

In the Black Friday Madness video the places we to go to are Walmart , Target , Best Buy , Toys R Us and The Mall

This Black Friday we picked up:
– The Matrix Triple Feature Blu-ray
– John Wick Blu-ray
– Victor Frankenstein Blu-ray

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  1. No madness. Complete calm. The same thing happen in the stores at my city. Deals are not that good and online has changed the "craziness". Not too bad now.

  2. Where you are is great. My Best Buy didnt have a 1.99 Bin at all! I got some good deals, like I got John Wick for 5 bucks in DVD, but it seems you got some better ones

  3. It was a pretty sad selection at Wal-Mart here in NC. But I did get a copy of Clown on DVD for 3.79 and a DC animated feature for 1.97 .

  4. Kinda sad these boobs out shopping whole lives revolve on DVD's, electronic gadgets and the like. Monkey's at the zoo like shiny objects too.

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