Black Friday 2016 Madness || Fights and Protest on Black Friday 2016 Compilation


Black Friday Madness 2015
Here is what happened on this black friday 2015. Lots of fights and stealing. I dont understand why people fight just because of some stupid thing that is on sale.
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  1. When a huge sale happens here in the Philippines people is just so calm and don't fight when a first person already got the thing they want.

  2. damn why do people fight on evilfriday cause damn people are fighitng over old ass outdated hd tvs that are like 4 or 6 months old or 1 month old and a new model is out all ready and old cheap blu ray players that do not sell shit so why risk your own life on evilfriday to get runned over not by a fucking car but by people shit i hear some people got killed by being runned over by people or in the hospital bed shit fuck that that is why i order my shit on wallmart .com or amazon .com have these poeple hear of the inter or there cellphones you can order shit on your iphone or android phone shit

  3. honestly if i worked at walmart for black friday id set up rope in front of the door to trip all those greedy bastards XD

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