Black Friday 2016 (happy new year)


Black Friday 2015 new years, fighting, fighting, assault, theft, and crush,
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  1. и америка хочет что бы весь мир равнялся на неё и её демократию , да засуньте её себе в задницу !!! мне и в России хорошо "хоть и не красавица , но она нам нравится!"

  2. what happened to opening before black friday starts and not start selling till a certain time and a nice neat professional line like my wallmart did?

  3. Black friday. Because only in America people are stupid enough to trample, fight and kill each other to buy shit they don't need, one day after they were thankful for what they already have. Seriously, you people are pathetic.

  4. What will happen when the grid gets knocked out and these over-populated places are without electricity or water?

  5. Yeah capitalism and Black Friday causes this- anyone who says that is a moron. Probably blames forks for making them fat too.

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