Black Friday 2016!


In this vid I go check out some stores on crazy Black Friday and see what’s there to get and also review a new Arrow Blu Ray CHUD! – To order CHUD go to: – Add me on IG: – Black Friday 2016 – Blu Rays

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  1. I wish I had a wicked toy store like that in malls where I live. Best we have is like hot topic which doesn't have anything overly cool in it.

  2. great video as always! yeah the black friday sales dont really seem like great sales and whats up with the black friday dvds all old titles ex. twilight lol

  3. Wish we had decent Black Friday over here in the UK but only a couple of shops takepart in it. I am normally over in the states for Black Friday but had to go earlier this year instead due to work. Great video as always dude.

  4. awesome video Danny!!! black Friday is nuts, to the point some of the random Blu rays aren't even worth waiting in line for haha

  5. Cool that you still collect big box VHSes. I am a fan. Funny story, I started YouTube as a VHS collector, I have all the Thriller Video Elvira Big Boxes, in good condition too. I think the video is still up if you search, Huge thriller video Elvira unboxing, I bought the whole collection on Craigslist for like a 100 dollars.

  6. Great video Danny

    I myself never bought anything on Black Friday as I didn't see anything I wanted that badly lol! I will have to get a hold of CHUD and hopefully its here in UK on DVD or at least the dual format versions as I don't have a Blu-ray player yet, Maybe one day but very happy with DVD and was not going to replace my entire movie collection to Blu ray, To be honest I haven't really be sold on Blu ray the only things I like about the format is the space on the discs and that some releases ie arrow ect have lots of full special features and the like. Yes the quality is good but next week its gonna be 4k then the week after 8k then the week after……… see my point here lol!

    Although I think you'd agree with me when i say that some old classics are just a little better on VHS, not sure why but they don't feel the same cleaned up for DVD or Blu ray but i guess we can always hunt down any old formats and never let them be forgotten.

    One thing about your video my friend it that it was nice to see people still buying the physical format and not just streaming or downloading , There still life in physical media yet lol!

    Take care Danny, looking forward to some more videos and VHS hunting from you.


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