BioShock: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC Original Analysis and Frame-Rate Test


The very first Bioshock receives a few curious changes in this PS4, Xbox One and PC re-release. Textures, lighting and more are altered – sometimes not entirely for the better – when compared to the 2007 original. It’s a solid port for the most part, with the game typically running at the target 60fps on console.

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  1. Fucking hilarious. What a state the Industry has become, since they managed to market to the vast zombie casuals and sacked all the creative geniuses of the gaming world and replaced them with guys in suits. Not a single original thought in their minds. Remaking shit from 10 years ago that wasn't even good BACK THEN, and still not hitting 60fps.

    Fucking joke.

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  3. I swear, it's so intensely tasteless to fuck with someone else's artwork in such a drastic way. It's like deciding the mona lisa needed stronger outlines, so you go over the whole thing with a sharpie. Absolutely fucking tasteless.

  4. Recommending the original PC version over the new one though is just as problematic because it's not without a whole set of issues of it's own like the new one.

  5. Is 2k ever gonna do another Bioshock btw ? Or is the franchise definitively dead after Ken Levine left the studio ? Been 6 years already since Infinite :/

  6. The amount of "effort put into this game" doesn't mean shit to me. The reason Bioshock is remembered so fondly is its atmosphere and presentation. A little change here and there wont do anything, but hundreds of subtle changes become noticeable very fast.

    If you're on PC, just use the old version, honestly… it looks better and holds up to this day.

  7. I wonder, are these Bum Devs going to fix the PS4/Xone versions at all? with 4-8x AF Filtering, stutter free Gameplay (mostly Bioshock Infinite) etc? i got it as a Gift, but i'm highly dissapointed. Shouldnt've been released like this.

  8. I bought the remaster, and I didn't really play the original, I've never had any bugs, I bought infinite ages ago, so I thought I'd try the original. And I love it, it feels atmospheric with headphones, and while it may not be as visually impressive as Bioshock infinite, but I feel that it plays very very well, and I can't see what all the fuss is about.

  9. 2 months in, no patch for Consoles and 95% of all Gamers are blatantly ignorant, hence why it wont get patched.. most forums are full of people who are like "i have no issues, so it must be your console/pc" and the ones with the problems get talked down and ignored. The game crashes, deletes saves, makes saves corrupt etc.

  10. It's as if they took away some of Bioshocks character. I can clearly see the lighting is better in the original, also, the wet look of everything looks better. Ill probably still but it though. Love me some Bioshock.

  11. I know this is old but no one is mentioning this on consoles surround sound is exclusive to the ps4 for bioshock 1 remastered Xbox one does not have surround sound 2k says it's not a bug it's as intended even if you look at the box art ps4 has the Dolby digital label on the box xbox one does not

  12. The sound mix in Bioshock 1 remastered is TERRIBLE. I can barely hear the audio logs and radio broadcasts.i just played the 360 version, much better. Good job 2K (sarcasm)

  13. This is why I re-purchased all 3 Bioshock games for PS3 again ($5 a piece). Compare the $15 vs the $60 you pay for the remaster. It's insane really, given how there's almost no difference.

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