best tempered glass for oneplus 3 india (oneplus 3 full screen tempered glass review, Install, demo)


In this video we will see the review of OnePlus 3 official full screen tempered glass. See how to install it. We will see if it fits perfectly or not. As of now this is the best temepred glass for oneplus in India.


Gadgetshieldz Full Screen and Body Protector OnePlus 3

best tempered glass screen protector for Oneplus 3 Nillkin H Review

Gadgetshieldz Full Screen Body Protector Review on OnePlus 3 after 72 hours (Perfect Fit)

full screen tempered glass review for oneplus 3 – Installation, Pros, Cons(Failed Pocket Test)

oneplus 3 gadgetshieldz skinnova skin case installation and first look

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  1. hi Saurabh ! how is the tempered glass doing so far ! bubbles did you manage to get rid of it ! how about the rainbow effects ! doest it have glue in the center portion or only in the edges ! did you try orzly verson 2 tempered glass ! lastly when are you gonna announce the winner for gadjetshield skin winners !

  2. u did mistake while applying it. u should ideally press with one finger in middle and u pressed eith two fingers thus bubble left.

  3. Can we use back cover with this tempered glass as well ? As i remembered last time when you were using that kind of tempered glass then it was broken when you kept your phone in your pocket… please provide the final verdict on that. 🙂

    By the way… really deep information video 🙂 +1

  4. OnePlus 3 Screen Protectors, TWIN PACK of Orzly 2.5D Pro-Fit V2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Oneplus 3 / Oneplus THREE (2016 Model / Dual SIM Version) – Transparent with BLACK Rim

    Guys,buy this Orzly V2.. This is the updated version ,and fits with most cases including the spigen rugged armour and has reduced dot Matrix.. This is better than the Curved Tempered glass since the Curved Tempered glass doesn't work with many cases and also the black borders cuts of some part of the screen..they themselves have mentioned this in the DISCLAIMER and also it's very costly@₹1500.. Your choice guys.. and also for ₹999 you get two tempered glasses

    Currently the black one is out of stock..But I have been using it for the past 2 weeks..And its the best one out there currently for the OnePlus 3!

  5. Hi
    thanks for the video

    can we keep a back case after applying this tempered glass

    Is it showing any rainbow effect after putting up the case

  6. Little tip as I use to apply these all the time; if you get a bubble I wouldn't even bother trying to squeegee it out with tempered glass. Just carefully lift the edge that the bubble is closest to (lift two edges if it's closer to the center but don't fully lift up the screen protector if the other end adhered properly) until you separate the screen protector from the screen at the point where the bubble was located. Then just lay it back down and let it spread out and adhere again.

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