This settings worked for me and I feel are the most accurate and close to a more natural color and tone, let me know in the comments bellow if you have different settings and your thoughts.
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Samsung KU6300 Review:

Better HDR settings for gaming on KU6300:


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  1. I'm gonna buy this tv tomorrow (40), with this video i just have one thing to say…THANKS YOU!!! PD: Me acabo de dar cuenta que hablas en español, carajo jaja, menos mal igual entiendo el inglés

  2. I will buy this one tomorrow (55''). Is this really a good TV for ps4 and Netflix? If it is, can you please submit a video with the best picture settings for ps4 and Netflix? Thanks for the great video. Subscribed!

  3. I use movie and Natural for pretty much all movie and TV watching. Then I use Dynamic Mode for Gaming and YouTube videos since it's the most vibrant.

  4. which movie you have on? I have the same tv but almost I use it only for movies and its great. Thanks for your settings, i almost have the same and looks amazing. Great videos.

  5. I will get this tv on friday… i am also a youtuber.. u got a sub from me.. i have watched all of ur videos u made great videos bout this TV… but can we save the settings or somethng or we need to change it evrytime? While shifting frm ps4 xb1 movies and netflix?

  6. Thank you, I have the same tv and I have been messing with the settings for a while to go with my 4k blurays this helped a bunch.

  7. Joelster G Hola disculpa del 1 al 5 que tanto me recomiendas esta TV? seria mas para PS4 normal y ver películas, es que no me decido entre esta samsung ku6300 o sony x700d

  8. I'm not going to waste my money on KS7000 (coz price for SUHD will go down drastically next year) so ATM, I'm going either 43KU6000 or 40KU6300 which is different in size versus Bluetooth.

  9. Thanks for the upload. My 60ku6300 is suppose to get here Wednesday. I'm sure I'll play around with your color setting but also find my own "sweet spot". Good couple of videos on the KU6300 series you uploaded. Appreciated. Thanks!

  10. ps4 looks realistic color, xbox looks wrong much too yellow switch to neutral. On TV, movie mode, backlight very high most people use 4-8

  11. Hello, if I download a movie from my pc and then transfer it to a hard drive and then plugging it to tv, and if the movie is 1080p, will the tv play it as it is? im asking this becaise my current old smart tv changes the resolution to 1920*800 and not 1080! i dont know why but i searched on the internet and it was probably because of the aspect ratio, are these 4k tvs the same? Thank You.

  12. Hey up Joelster. Do you NOT find that with Auto Motion Plus set to custom, that movies suffer from stutters, evey few minutes? Or is that just while watching freeview HD. I've had this TV for months. No matter what option I pick, I cannot remove the stuttering. Even switching Auto Motion Plus off still has issues. What do you and others think?

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